torsdag 30. juni 2011


So I went to my local post office to get 2 packages. A weight scale and shoes from shoesone.
When I get my two packages I leave the post office, but. what. This is from DreamV, not Shoesone. WTH.
*Goes back inside*
Got two more packages with my name on it, I had to get help to manage all four (kinda big) boxes.

So here goes!


The post office lady just taped together the Yumetenbo boxes and taped a plastic bag to it, as a handle XD Genius.

Shiny weight scale!

I love these! I was afraid they'd be too small, but 35 was just the right size :)

Yumetenbo stuff!

Gladiator sandals, in lovely red ♥

Simple top

Hotpants! Now, I was worried that these wouldn't fit.... I was right. I can pu them on, but they don't feel/look good.. So tight!

They squish my thighs, as you can see :XX

And LOL the button came right off, I barerly touched it.. Haha. Nothing I can't fix though :)

I loooove this one! The collar is HUGE.

Comfy cardi ♥

Don't mind the derpy pose 8DDD I like this outfit. If only the hotpants weren't so small. (They're a size L FFS! I feel so huge :( )

Looooooot! (everything looks so good together, haha!)

Yes I know, I need to clean my apartment.. XD

I have to show you guys a kick ass pair of shoes I bought in Oslo at Bianco!! Military green suede boots with wooden sole and leather straps! Aaaaaah I love them!
It was also 2 for 1, so I got a pair of sparkly flip flops for free ^^

With that, I should start making dinner and get ready for work.

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  1. Awesome ting! Forhåpentligvis vier shortsen seg ut litt :) Elsker detaljene bak på toppen. Og cardiganen var nice, er den også fra DreamV? Er noe jeg kunne tenkt meg å bruke selv xD

  2. Taaakk ^^ Ja, håper jeg og!
    Cardi'n er og fra dreamv :) Billig billig! ♥


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