tirsdag 14. juni 2011

My birthday party

I've finally "come to my senses" after my birthday party, haha :D So now I can blog about it!

My day outfit

Me and my bf got free dinner at SushiMe, courtsey of my buddy Vegard who works there :D
Seriously, I got lots of tasty sashimi, nigiri and maki rolls, and my bf got fried chicken with salad and mashed potatoes ^^

And since it was super sunny we sat outside ^_^ (he looks so skeptical, but he liked the food XD)

We bought cupcakes, cleaned up the apartment and waited for people to come!

I had the most awesome time! As I wrote earlier, I made lots of jelly shots, and it was a total success! ♥

Me and Tuong-Vy, one of my best childhood friends :)

A cupcake and my wonderful rainbow jello "drink"!

Me and my wonderful rainbow jello "drink" x) I look so weird here though :/

From left: Vegard, Anka, Susann and Samuel :)

Jello shots!

Susann taking my porcelain cupcake tops and wearing them as tits! XD

Me and Tuong-vy ♥

Vegard sucking on my balloon.. ? XD

Susann compairing my yellow friends XD

Samuel feeding Susann beer ;D

Haha, martin looks so FOREVER ALONE XDDDD

Anka and me ^^

Me and Vegard

When we got out on the town I got a free drink, and it was BLUUUUE! I was very happy, probably from the massive amounts of jelly shots XD

Anka and a new friend of me, Lea, who dressed up as Smurfette :D

Me and susann, obviously drunk XD

I hope next year's birthday will be just as awesome!! ♥♥
The past days I've just been hangin out with my bf, eating pizza and chillaxing.
Love ♥

I still haven't gotten the pink wig yet, annoys me a bit. Since I won and paid for that first, I should get it in the mail first, before the white one. Just a pet peeve I have x)

And lastly, a video of my peeps singing the birthday song to Grendels "Zombie nation" XD

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  1. Omg, har ikke akkurat den fineste sangstemmen i verden :P


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