tirsdag 12. juni 2012

Celebrated my birthday!

Soooo my birthday was yesterday, and of course I had to celebrate a little bit! 
I'm having a big party this Friday, but it's nice to do something on the actual day as well :) 

First off a couple of friends and I went to TGI Fridays to eat dinner! I ate a Cajun Cream Steak, oh my god it was SO delicious *drool*
For dessert I ate a Strawberry Shortcake, with ice cream and berries!
Look at it, soo delish:

I also got a birthday drink from Thomas, called Electric lemonade... oh my god it was so SOUR! I looove sour drinks, but it took me really long to finish it, haha XD

The staff also noticed that it was my birthday, and brought helium balloons to us, so my friends could sing a very high-pitched "happy birthday" song! XD The other tables just looked at us funny, haha.

Afterwards, we went to the movies, to see Prometheus, mwaha. It was AWESOME! I love Ridley Scott, and Noomi Rapace did an excellent job :)

I'm so happy nowadays, and I'm so looking forward to celebrate my birthday big time next Friday! :D 
I'm gonna make jelloshots.. hehehe...

fredag 8. juni 2012

These last few days...

These last few days have been uplifting, I always get so bored when I have nothing to do during the summer holiday.. 

Last weekend I went out both Friday and Saturday; Friday to a house-warming party for a friend, and Saturday, a last-night-out with Emilie before she moved back to Andenes! I'm going to miss her. 

The day before yesterday some friends and I were at a new fancy café with gorgeous furniture and a luxurious look. I ordered green tea and macaroon, delicious!

Yesterday I didn't do much... but I made something! I made a "klippekrans", a sweet kind of kringle with sugar and cinnamon :) I'm not the baking type, but I really got this one right! It was tasty as well, so happy ^^

After that we went to Bergens biggest shopping center, Lagunen, where did some shopping and ate at McDonalds. Everything was great :) I bought a pair of high waist shorts in dark denim, and a SUPER cute dress from Kappahl, from the childrens department XD All good-good. Had a nice evening too.

Today I had some friends over to help me clean out my closet, and tomorrow I'm applying for a job at a costume store! Aaaaand meeting a good friend from Trondheim, can't wait to see him again :D 

Wow I hope this entry wasn't too boring, haha. I'll try to post some outfit shots with my new shorts! They are gorgeous! :D

onsdag 6. juni 2012

Skin care review!

So I finally sat my ass down and started to write about the skin care products a got a month ago!
I ordered three products; over-night moisturiser, black head peeling strips and a facial scrub. I tried to make it kind of like an experiment, because my skin was really bad a month ago. I normally don't use skin care products, so I was wondering if some of this could clear things up.

Just to clarify from the start; My camera isn't good enough to show the difference in my skin, so no skin photos! I'll try to explain as well as I can:)
Okay, here we go!

1. Skin79 Sweet Honey Sugar Scrub (100ml)
I was really scared this would smell of honey from 50m away, but the scent is very nice and subtle :)
I use this about two-three times a week, I try not to use it too often as it can damage the skin. It's pretty easy to work with, and washes off very easily! My skin was cleared of dead skin, and it was very soft. It's not that different from other brands of scrubs, but all in all a nice product :)

2. Lioele Blackheadzero Nose Patch (5 sheets)
I love these! First time I used this I was a bit afraid that it wouldn't get any blackheads (I got quite a few), and after when I looked in the mirror I didn't see that big of a change.. But then I look down on the used strip. God damn it took a lot of those motherfuckers! XD So after a few peelings you will see (and feel!) a nice change. So I'm really happy with this product. The only thing I can complain about, is that some times there will be some of the sticky stuff left on your skin, but that rinses easily off with water:) Now, it's not something I would use every week, but once in a while just to tidy things up. In fact, I have one on right now XD Recommended!

3. Lioele Waterdrop Sleeping Pack (60ml)
Now this one I'm a bit indecisive about.. It's a very light moisutriser you put on after you cleaned your face when you go to bed. When you put it on, it feels as if your face is wet from plain water. Very refreshing, apart from the other more heavy moisturisers. It has a nice smell, too. I may have been slacking with this one, since I earlier never used skin care products I often forget it :P Not the result I've been expecting, espeically from reading other reviews. But maybe that's just me. I usually use it during the day (while wearing no foundation ofc) just to keep my skin from drying out. But when I use it overnight, I sometimes have this glow when I get out of bed, and my skin tone is more balanced! (except for now when my nose is sunburnt x)) So sometimes it works, sometimes it's just.. meh :P

I think all in all, these products haven't really changed the way my skin looks, but it does feel better! Especially my nose is like a babys bottom now :)

Woah, I hope that this wall of text was somewhat informative to those who where wondering!

Have a nice Wednesday night! :)


søndag 3. juni 2012



Waaaah I'm so happy!! Hard work paid off, looking forward to the next two years to get better and better!
Now only the culture/history exam grade is left, I hope I get at least a C! Main thing is that I at least won't fail. Thank god XD 


I found a new place to live! 
Susanne, Emilie and me are moving in together in august. We saw the apartment yesterday, the guy who lives there now (he was kinda hot lol) showed us around, it even has a back yard! It's a bit small and expensive, but it's in the middle of campus right in the heart of the city! Super practical (and now I can wear heels when I'm out on the town ;D)
So yeah, can't wait to move all my shit closer to the city center :)

June has already started to become the best month so far this year, I really hope it'll stay that way! 
The only thing I have left now is to find a job!

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