søndag 27. november 2011


Ah, week is finally over!

First things first.
Skrillex was AWESOME! Constant eargasm! ♥

Taking the train to Oslo! This is Finse, the place where parts of The Empire Strikes Back was shot! (shot, is that correct? XD)

(doesn't quite look like Hoth, does it? xD)

Me and the fabulous Erlend at a bar before going to the venue.

The only cool picture from Skrillex

Last Friday me and my friends went out, it was AWESOME! Dancing, drinking, great people and no drama ♥

My outfit

Anne sitting under the desk, because alcohol.

Sigve is getting his hair done by Elisabeth
hfw: "Not sure if like..." XD

Pretty ladies, Lisa-Marie and Tonje :)

Anneli, a gorgeous friend of Anne!

And to wrap it up, here's a silly picture of a cat.

Have a nice week everybody!

tirsdag 22. november 2011

OMW 2 Ozlo!

Sitting on the train to Oslo , can't wait can't wait can't wait!!
I've been so excited I haven't been able to sleep! I slept like.. 3 hours, tops last night. Oh well, coffee and cigarettes can fix everything :)

I'm meeting Pernille at her work when I arrive, I will probably look soooo tired compared to the other fresh and wide awake people... XD

GOD I hope we don't crash!! NSB DON'T RUIN THIS CONCERT FOR ME lolololololololollll

søndag 20. november 2011

Friday night

Oh boy, what a night!
Had loads of fun.. but wow, I'm still a bit tired XD At first Anne came to me, I did our make up (which turned out FAB) and then we went to a preparty at Thomas' apartment!
I had a bottle of red wine, and spent too much money out on the town. We went to Fincken, Bergens only(?) gay bar to dance! I fell to the floor a couple of times, not really shocking when you think about the amount of alcohol I'd been drinking :P


I managed to take some pictures, but they're not exactly superb quality haha

Mah haaair (excuse my derpy face, haha)

At the preparty, some glasses of wine into the evening.. ;p

Outside fincken
Err'body in da club getting derpy!

We met Oda and Maiken, yaay :D
My hair died in an instant that night... god, why does Bergen have to be so... moist??
You can also see I did my nails, pointy red, black and white! Most of them fell off during the night, ofc ;P
After that we had a small afterparty at our house, I was drinking kalinka with milk.. WTF LOL.

But all in all it was a great night ;D

I'm leaving for Oslo tomorrow morning!
Why, you ask?
Because SKRILLEX, that's why!


torsdag 17. november 2011

New hair :D

Yeeeah still not doing much, life currently consists of spending money I don't have, studying and hanging out with my lovely friends :)

Some weeks ago I bought some fire red clip on extensions from eBay, that I got today!

Don't mind my derpy face ;)

In braids and loose.
I'm really happy with it, I can't wait to try to curl it! It feels so light and feathery ^^

Annddd... Guess what time of the month it is, lol :P
I don't usually buy candy, but when I do I buy ALL THE CANDY!


In between writing my philosphy paper I've been doing some make up, I'm practising for tomorrow!
Don't mind the eyebrows, I'm not doing that. It might look okay on webcam, but it looked horrible irl XDD That was because of my short stubby eyebrows! I couldn't hide them well enough, so this look is obviously only for skyping, messenger etc, haha XD

So what's happening tomorrow?
Me and a little bunch of friends from my class are going to Bergens gay bar, Fincken, to dance the night away being faaaabulous :D Can't wait!

mandag 7. november 2011

Dubstep spam + Cats

My favorite romantic/beautiful dubstep tracks atm:

In about half an hour I'm going to "the cat house" at Dyrebeskyttelsen (animal protecting organisation) with Charlotte and Anne, to cuddle some cute homeless kitties! I miss having pets so much, I can't wait to pet some cute fluffballs! ♥

Have a nice Monday :)

Hooked on the Doctor..

Seriously, the last few weeks I've been running through the Doctor Who series (the new one), it's just fantastic :D

I'm not sure which of the doctors I like best.. Oh nevermind, Tennant is the best doctor so far :D I do like Matt Smith as the doctor as well, he's certinately cheeky!
I've been spamming my tumblr and facebook with daleks, tardis', doctors and weeping angels, my friends must get sick of me soon.

So here's a pic spam from the series ♥

I need to get a life...

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