lørdag 8. september 2012


So I got my Nelly stuff in the mail today, hurrah! The shoes were pretty hard, but fit nicely. I will be expecting sore feet tonight.The hat is insanely comfortable, and didn't look as much as a fur-mullet on me as it did on the model on nelly.com. lol.

 Come winter, I'm ready for you! Pew pew pew! 

I can't wait to go out with this hat tonight. I better start planning my outfit since I don't have much else to do! 
I'm also thinking about dyeing my hair black again...I know I WANT purple hair, but as I'm applying for jobs and my hair is pretty dead as it is, it's not really an option. So.. Black goes with everything, and I know I don't look like a dead possum with it. I do like having red hair, but I'm SO sick of not being able to wear pink (!!), it's ridiculous XD We'll see what I decide to do.

I had a job interview at GameStop last Wednesday, I'm really curious if I'll get the job or not! If not, I'll just keep applying for jobs :) Just keep swimming, just keep swimming as Dory says! It would be awesome to work in a game store though, I need to get in touch with my gamer-habits again!

Have an AWESOME weekend everyone, drink responsibly XD

lørdag 1. september 2012

Nelly sale!

So... Nelly.com has started their sale..........
I decided I needed another pair (yes, another pair..) of shoes! I think I need to clean out my closet even more if I want to have room for anything, really. Maybe I should sell some more stuff?

Anyway, this is what I ordered!

Lovely black boots~

I also ordered this XD I'M READY FOR THE WINTER COLD. Even though Bergen doesn't really get that cold, compared to Trondheim..:P

I think these two items will look super awesome together! Can't wait them to arrive!

Have a nice Saturday everyone!
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