onsdag 6. juli 2011

Oslo + Desucon!

Woah, super late update, but here goes!

So, I was 1 week in Oslo, living with my best Friend Veronica and her bf Kenneth.

Wednesday: Birthday party
Thursday: CHILL (Smart club shopping!)
Friday: ParaPara rehearsal
Saturday: Desucon+party
Sunday: BBQ
Monday: CHILL
Tuesday: CHILL
Wednesday: Go home T_T


Went to Eivinds place to practise the para routine, but after a while we just ate and goofed around:)

I only have one picture from Friday worth posting:
Marcus & Eivind, dressed up Nobu-kei! lol, SO SEXY


Oooomg I was SOO nervous when I got to Desucon, entering the main hall (where we were going to dance). My head got clouded, stomach wringing with nervousness!

Cutie Ingvild :)

Marcus and Oda :)

We practised a couple of times when it was OUR TIME to get on stage! By now my head was filled with don't-fuck-up, God-I'm-going-to-die and STOP-SHAKING-AND-SWEATING.

And we were on.

The routine itself went splendid for me, and I didn't notice any of the other girls making mistakes either :) It felt soo awesome to be on stage! ♥ I really love it, I do.. It's just the before's and after's that are horrible XD
Yes, I felt just as nauseous and nervous after the show, but we got great feedback! So we went directly up to Eivinds to get our drink on!
Later, me Ronja and Ingvild went out on the town, to get even more drunk, haha.. Then we went home to Ronjas to crash.

In other words, great night!
Pictures from the party:

Eivind with Amandas usamimi *giggle*

Me and cutie Maria!

Me and Monica, and Maria in the background XDDD

Marcus and Ronja

Me and Ronja ♥

Cutest picture of Marcus and Monica together, both preeeeetty apeshit drunk ;D ♥

Me and Ingvild @ Møllers (LOOOOL)


BBQ in Frognerparken!

It was very relaxing and chiiiiill, I think most of us were kinda hung over, haha :D
After some time I actually feel asleep in the grass! So dreamy.. hehe

My outfit:

Dress: H&M
Bag: H&M
Belt: Fretex

Alien cloud!

The rest of the days were pretty darn relaxing, which was very good for me. I needed a little break :) Some shopping with Veronica, and we watched a lot of movies and ate loooots of candy while I stayed! ♥♥♥ If we lived together, we'd both be over 9000kgs because of all the yummy food and candy XD

The trip home was agonizing, SO BORING. And at the stop midways I wanted to have something to drink (aka tap water), but the water there was contaminated so I didn't have anything to drink for 8 hours T_T

I'll post more about the AWESOME S-party my friends had last weekend, god damn that was fun :D

*runs off to work*

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