fredag 27. mai 2011

New nails

Yesterday I also made a set of false nails, for a more everyday use:

I like them, not too flashy and not too long, lol :D
But.. I don't have any nail glue!! And I can't afford anything right now... poop.

EDIT: Found glue! woohoo! it's hard to type... XD

fuck off bitches, imma get drunk wih friends! Cya!


Now I have to sleep.

There's still 10h, 17h and 6d 'till bidding rounds are over. I don't wanna sleep, because I don't want to get outbid.
I think.. I'm going to be asleep when the white wig auction is over, I'm going to be awake for the pink one, and the black one I miight be able to catch.

And, $1.29 for a wig with free shipping is ridiculous, and with 6 remaining days and other bids I doubt the price will stay that way.

I'm not the biggest fan of auctions n_n;;


♥ Good night ♥

torsdag 26. mai 2011


I just put bids on these three wigs on eBay:

I had this sudden urge to buy more wigs, because today I styled one of my cheapest wigs! It looks so shiny and horrible, I had to do something about it! So now I've bought more projects x)
The black one is going to end up the most fluffy, I think.. I'd like to see how the white and pink looks originally, and then maybe come up with something.

Hurray, creativity and inspiration!

I'll post pics with my newly styled wig later, maybe tomorrow :)

onsdag 25. mai 2011

New stuff!

I'm so weak..

I looked on Yumetenbo and Galstar for a top to wear at Desucon in June.. And I ended up buying a pair of shoes and hotpants XD
I guess I could just customize a tank top or something, something simple :)

ANYWAYS, this is what I bought:

Shoes are red, I just wanted to show the side ^^

I just hope everything fits! Japanese sizes and my big ass doesn't always get along.. x)
And I hope the shoes are comfy ♥

Nowadays I'm just totally hooked on Heroes, I haven't watched it in years!

Sylar, being disturbingly hot.

mandag 23. mai 2011

Late post

Wow I've been absent lately. Oh well. I've been living at my bf's house for a week or so, he's been fixing my old computer! Soooo much old music and MANY pictures to go through! Nostalgia ♥

And now I'm looking for apartments in Bergen, since I'm moving there for my minor in Japanese! I've applied for three student apartments at, but I'm also looking at
I sooo don't want to move, but it's what I have to do if I want to follow my dreams (or something like that..)

Here are some pics from may 17th :)


I decorated my hat with red ribbons, to make it more in tune with the rest of my outfit! ^^

Dress: Carlings
Blouse: Baby, the stars shine bright
Bag: H&M
Shoes: Secret shop

Lol, it was pretty hard to see anything special, there were so many people outside!

My national day celebration was pretty chill, me and my bf watched the parade for an hour, then my mom picked me up and we visited my gran :)

fredag 20. mai 2011


Ask me anything!

tirsdag 17. mai 2011

May 17th

Today is Norways independence day! *clapclapclapclap*
Happy birthday Norway ^^

People celebrate it with speeches, marching around in cities with music and flags. We also eat lots os hot dogs and ice cream. Later today I'm going to my gran, to eat more hotdogs and waffles with my extended family ♥

And, I'm wearing a really cute outfit today, but I'll post the pictures later ;D

♥ Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah ♥

lørdag 14. mai 2011


As the warm weather decided to go away, my life 'spark' has been reduced yet again.

Thinking too much.

About Bergen
- Will I get someplace to live?
- Will I handle the school life again? Did I ever handle school that well? No..
- How painful will it be to live 3 years 631 km away from my boyfriend, maybe more?
- Will I succeed?
- Will I fail?

About life after Bergen
- Then what?
- Studies in Japan?
- Start own business?
- Become a housewife?
- Work at Norfakta forever? :/

I'm scared..

The thinking has managed to make its way to my eating habits, and I hate it. I don't like being depressed and scared for what's inevitable. It's stupid.

Life's too short.

tirsdag 10. mai 2011


Aaaah these past days have been fan-fuckin-tastic!

My boyfriend is absolutely lovely, the weather is magnificent and WARM, and I have great friends :)

Lying on the roof top getting a tan!
As you all can see, I'm very pale so I need to get my tan on before the summer kicks in for real! I already got a little tan line x)

Have a nice day :D

fredag 6. mai 2011


Made an easy, quick salad for a late lunch~

Doesn't it look yummy? :D
This is what you need:
(for two portions)

1 tomato
1/4 salad head
1/2 Long red bell pepper
1 Spicy sausage, from chicken/turkey
1/4 Red onion

Chop it up and mix it it up in a bowl!

Super tasty, super yummy and super heathly!
The total kcal amount per portion is only 58 kcal, so if you need to loose weight this is an ideal little in-between-meal for you :)

tirsdag 3. mai 2011

International Manba day

So last Saturday was the International Manba Day, and I dressed up ofc.

Because of my lack of tan/dark foundation and crazy hair, I ended up looking more like banba than manba. But nonetheless, crazy coloured clothing and BIG hair!

Trude ♥

Me and Charlotte :)

Me and Trude ^^

That night it was celebration of May 1. It's a really big thing in Norway, dunno why really lol.
Ended up going home early, I almost had an anxiety attack.. And the day after I visited my gran for waffles ^^

Make up and hair for granny visit. I look a bit dead here, this was before I decided not to use nude lipstick..=p


Later that day I went to my bf, we ate DELISH dinner!
Pork chop with onion, mushroom and bacon, with potato salad, rice and bearnaisesauce on the side. And some salat for me :)


Have a nice day everyone :)

(LOL why do I always say that on Tuesdays??)
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