torsdag 31. mai 2012

New dress :)

So today I made a dress.

A dress, in one day! 

I'm pretty proud. Not because it was hard to make, but because I actually managed to concentrate about it through the whole day and not just throw it in the ever-growing pile of unfinished projects! *victory pose* 

 Sexeh front

Sexeh back, now with extra sunburn.. Plx ignore my horrid tanlines XD

So yeah.

I'm trying to figure out a way to get cash fast so I could get my ass to Oslo for Desucon.. any ideas? I have to get around.. 2000kr. Sell stuff? Make and sell stuff? Whine to daddy? :P
I hope can afford the trip! I really need to get out of here, I haven't been out of town since Christmas. Anyway, if I do go, I won't cosplay. Because, I just don't have enough time nor money! Maybe next year, or another con :)

I'm soooo nervous about getting my Japanese grades! We're scheduled to get the language grade tomorrow, and the culture grade on june12th. I'm so tense because of this stress XD
But at least I don't have horrid spelling mistakes, like we have in our Genki book.. 

Seriously? Someone read through this with a bit of haste.. ;)

torsdag 24. mai 2012


Thought I'd post some outfits and whatnot!

Very stressful month for me, with final exam preparations and cramming...! But there was also room for relaxing.
 The outfit I wore for the JFashion presentation, where I talked about gyaru. It was pretty successful! Made people laugh when I showed the connection between yamanbas and the folklore ghost they got their name from. Fun fun! 

Top: DreamV
Hotpants: H&M
Skirt chain: DreamV
Boots: Galstar
When I was walking home, I stopped at a traffic light. I noticed when one of the lights turned green none of the cars were moving.. So I looked at the car in front, and there was three men STARING and me like dogs and not realizing they were suppeused to drive, haha.. They drove really slowly past me, not one of them paying attention to where they actually were going >_>
It was funny, but also a bit uncomfortable, I felt so.. violated o.O


Final exam hell!
...okay it wasn't hell, it went pretty well! :D 
The Japanese language exam went supersmooth, maaaybe I'll get an A? I think I'll honestly get a bit disappointed if I get a B.
The Japanese culture- and history exam went okay, I should have read more. But I think I'll get a C on that one. If I get a B I'll be superhappy, and if I get a D I'll be furious XD So yeah, C it is.
And what's after finals...? SUMMER HOLIDAY! 

 Random outfit. I actually wore bloomers that day! Haven't worn them since before I quit lolita XD

Last-exam-party-day!  Waiting for the bus.. :)

The party was fun, up to the point where people had too much to drink, drama llamas everywhere.
Someone took some of my Bacardi, I got super mad!! >:CCCC Haha. Silly drunk me. Might as well have been me drinking it myself, not noticing how impossibly drunk I was. Classy~

 Me and Emilie! My BFF here in Bergen  (Don't mind my mouth here, I don't know what I'm doing haha)
We're moving in together, but it's so hard finding a good place for a reasonable price! We're looking and looking, but either it's too far away from the city center, or it's too expensive or too small.. I'll try my best not to be picky form now on! The most important thing is to actually find a roof over our heads, not how big it is or where it is. (but it actually has to be cheap, we're pooooor students)

 Monday breakfast

 Monday outfit
On this day me and the girls went to Emilie to watch movies, eat junk and gossip all day, all night. It was so much fun! We drank mojitos, ate pizza and watermelon. We saw 自殺サークル / Suicide Club, and I still don't "get" much of the movie.. but I still find it super awesome! 

Shirt: Gina Tricot
Hotpants: H&M
Shoes: Buffalo (old school, bitches!)
Necklace: Combichrist Army + The Prodigy merch
Ring: Don't remember.. haha

Yesterdays "mood" shot
Reading, drinking ice cold water, tanning and eating bread with Nugatti (kinda like Nutella, only better! (YES I SAID IT))

I'll try to write about the skin care products I bought soon, I've been trying hard to use them everyday to see if there's a difference in my skin! I'll write more about that later, now I'm going outside! Some friends and I are going to the park to barbeque! Aaawwh yeah. I hope someone brings sunscreen.
It's RIDICULOUSLY hot outside, the thermometer says it's 34°C right now! Lawd, help us sweaty Norwegians.

torsdag 17. mai 2012

May 17th!

Today is the Norwegian constitution day! Yay!
The day of celebrating our country by walking in parades, eating lots of hot dogs and ice cream, and spending the day with the ones you love. 
Since I live in Bergen now, this is the first year that I've celebrated this day without my family and old friends in Trondheim.. I miss them! It was nice hanging out with my jap.class friends though :) ♥ We went to a friends house to eat more hot dogs, and we watched the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Always fun to see that movie! 

So today I wore a simple lolita outfit!

Shirt: Zara
Dress: Innocent world
Tights: Harajuku
Shoes: Demonia
Hat: Shinjuku

Sorry for the potato-pictures, I really need to get a new camera as soon as possible!
I'll probably blog more about what's happened these last weeks, but right now I need to just lay down on the couch in my jammies and relax for a bit.
My fellow Norwegians, hope you had a wonderful celebration today!  
Gratulerer med dagen!

fredag 4. mai 2012


Aaaah I want to blog so much these days, but I can't since I'm in my studying-all-day-all-night-for-the-finals-mental state.
The first final is in exactly a week, and that's the japanese final. hat should go pretty smoothly.
The second, and the most dreaded, is the 15th, and that's the japanese culture and society final. It's not that the contents are boring (well, some can be..)... It's more that the books are written in academic english, which I'm not very good at, so I lose my concentration every other sentence. So we've had some study groups and talk about the different topics (ie. politics, different eras, work life, women etc), and that loosens up the tension for me, and it makes it a lot easier to read afterwards! Yaaay.

Aaand now I'm procrastinating by updating my blog and writing about how good a student I supposedly am.. haha.

I'm guessing this could become me:
Anypoo, off to uni! *swoosh*
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