mandag 4. mars 2013

New blog! New address!

Hi gals! (and guys?)

Since I'm leaving soon for Japan(21 days!), I thought that it'd be nice to make a new blog about my exchange year at Waseda University in Tokyo! 
Here I will write about my daily life, about school, parties, fashion and in general the good life :) Possibly some entries about food as well, hehe.
Hope you can follow and read about my adventures, as I will now leave this blog. I may or may not delete my posts, I haven't decided yet. 


★ ☆ ★ ☆¨ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

I know the header is a bit woah, I'm still not sure what kind of look I want to give to my new baby blog yet! :) 

onsdag 20. februar 2013

London pt. 3 Pancake day + Going out!

Yeeeah I'm really late with this last London update, haha. It's crazy to come back to Norway now, I have SO much to do before moving to Japan! Phew! 

Now where was I...? 
Right, London.

On Saturday morning I figured out how much money I spent on shopping and eating out, and lined up the reciepts I've gathered in a week.. 

Morning monster! I love that duvet, I could drown in it! The print is quite nice, too ^^ 

 All ready to go out~! 

We bought a pitcher each of yummy drinks! We we at this pub/bar/restaurant, can't remember the name... but the food was AWESOME! Mmmmh, dat pasta.

It was SNOWING!! :OOOO Run for your lives! Abandon ship! ...That was the reaction of the English, anyway.. Victoria and I just laughed at everybody panicking. Silly Englishmen :)

On Monday we decided, despite both having a cold, to go out drinking in Camden! 

 I did Victorias eye make up! I'm pretty pleased :) 

Tilt your head to the side, Norwegian style! :P Sorry, inside joke x) 

At first we went to Blues Kitchen, this really cool bar with a small stage for people to perform on. There was some guys performing really chill blues music, the whole bar had a really nice atmosphere! Vicky, Natasha and I met up with a friend of mine, Andreas, and a friend of his called Hans Erling! 

After a drink at Blues Kitchen we went to bar fifty-five, but they were about to close after we had one drink there... And it turns out, the whole of Camden was closing. Since it was a Monday. So our only choice after a couple of drinks, was to go into Central, to TigerTiger. LOL!
It's sooo not the best club around. In reality, it's a pretty generic club where young people get out-of-this-world shitfaced, hook up with other shitfaced people and (most of the time) awful music.. But it was coolio, cuz I was there with good friends ^^ We actually danced quite a lot at the end, hehe.

 Hans Erling, Natasha and Vicky. Dat hover hand.

 What's going on.. I don't even know XD

 Andreas, Han Erling and Natasha!

 The gang :D 

The next day, was PANCAKE DAY! Hurrraaaaay! 
We made pancakes, and had different "toppings", like lemon and sugar (the uk specialty), Nutella, Canadian maple syrup and the best of it all; Nugatti. Damn, I'm going to miss Nugatti when I go to Japan! 

 We actually had some fun making the pancakes, with food colouring! First, we added a whole bottle of blue colour, and the batter turned a bright baby blue. When we made the pancakes, the blue turned into a grey-blue moldylooking pancake... XDDDD It looked AWFUL! So, we added som red colouring to the rest of the batter, and it turned into a lovely lilac colour! "This has to look better that the blue ones!", we thought. We were kinda wrong. The batter turned darker and darker, and it looked like blistered, burned skin.. hahahahah, I'm never making purple pancakes again!! 

They tasted absolutely delightful, though! So it wasn't a complete catastrophy, hehe.

We chilled the next couple of days, watched films etc, and soon it was time for me to go back home to Norway... :C
The flight was not the best I've been on, the pressure in the cabin was so high, my ears hurt real bad :( So this little thing was to some help ;)

Mmmmh, bloody mary...

So now I'm back to Norway, my stressful enviroment. I can't wait to get out of the country again! 

To-do list before going to Japan:
  1. Get the certificate of eligibility
  2. Go to Oslo and apply for visa
  3. Get someone to take over my room here in Bergen
  4. Pack my shit up
  5. Go to my familiy in Melhus, stay for a week
  6. Go to Oslo, pick up my Visa

lørdag 9. februar 2013

London pt. 2. Musical, shopping and moore shopping~!

I finally have some time to update more from my trip now :) 

The day after the "let's have a field trip to the A&E!"-night, I dyed my hair! I was a bit nervous, but since semi-permanent hair dye don't contain "dangerous" chemicals I thought it would be okay... it it did! So now i have a colder, purple hair colour :) AND It matches my JC shoes! XD

On Monday, we went to see the Phantom of the Opera at Her Majestys Theatre. I haven't seen it in years, so it was very nice! I also got tearful because of the nostalgia, and all the prettyness! ♥ ♥ 

 New hair colour, new coat with my (fairly) new shoes! Aaah ♥ 

We went to Misatos to grab a bite before the show, it's a small Japanese restaurant, incredibly tasty food!


 I ordered chicken cutlet curry rise, tasty tasty! 

 Om nom nom nom ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

 The stage :V

 Drinking wine between the acts. Seeeeriously good wine.

The other days we've been wandering around London, doing a bit of shopping here and there, eating out and just enjoying life ^^ 

Also, for the first time, I got to try Krispy Kreme's.... OMG I want to bathe in those donuts, Jesus.

 Outside the Vivienne Westwood store!! Triiiied not to spend any money there, but... 

 ...I am weak.

 Some of my shopping loot~ 
The sweater and the lavender ankle socks are from Topshop, shoes and bronzing blush from Primark (lol), Duo glue, 2 small note books from misc shops aaaaaaand earrings from Vivienne Westwood! 

 Look at my babies ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
I can't wait to start wearing them :)

Yesterday we went a small trip to Camden again, we went back to Cyberdog to buy the stuff we wanted~

 COOOOOMFY sweater dress, scarf and stickers~

Top and skirt from Punkyfish.

So I'm pretty much broke again now, and I'm having trouble packing my bags, there's no room! DDDDX
We're taking the weekend off, Vicky's gotten sick and I am pooped from all the shopping, haha XD
Maybe we'll go to a gig or something over the weekend, before I go home on Wednesday :) 

Anyway, it's sad to see my journey coming to an end, but it'll be good to come home to work hard with school stuff again! :) 

Have a nice Saturday, drink responsibly ;)

mandag 4. februar 2013

London, tea and allergic reactions.

I arrived in London last Saturday, and what a weekend it's been! 
I arrived at Victoria Station around 9.30 am. My friend Victoria was going to meet me there, but she was nowhere to be seen.. So I texted her, no answer. Called her, no answer. Sent her messages on FB, no answer.. I was starting to get really nervous and worried, she hadn't give me any sign of life since the day before.Three hours later, I got a text message saying she's overslept and that she had no words on how sorry she was! XD So we went to her house, and finally settling down a bit.

Later that night we went to her friends' house to drink and hang out~ It was very nice :) 

 Tash and Shina, being silly! 

Vicky and me~ I look reeeaally tired, because I didn't get any sleep from the night before.. :P

Yesterday Vicky and me went to~~~~~ CAMDEN! My favorite spot in the world, right behind Tokyo ;)
We did a bit of shopping, I got myself a new coat! It's really nice, but the man who sold it tried to overprice it. Not a chance in hell that the coat costs £90. I got it for £35, could've gone lower, but I'm not very good at haggling XD We walked around 'till 6pm, then went home. 



Inside Cyberdog ^^ Everytime I've been here in London, Cyberdog's been change. So I've technically been in 3 different Cyberdog stores XD

 Pretty horsie! 

 Kiss kiss~~~~ 

We went to this store with lots of special and vintage/antique glasses, was really cool :) (And really expensive!)

The plans for the evening was to bleach my roots and dye my hair violet. But what we didn't exactly plan, was that I had an allergic reaction to the peroxide... 
My skin felt really hot and itching, and I was red like a lobster! My scalp was fine though, but the rest of my body was like a baaad sunburn. I was dizzy, was having a bit of trouble breathing and talking, so we went to the A&E (accident and emergency centre) to figure it out. We waited and waited, and I kept feeling better and better. We waited in all about 3 hours before we went home again, because we never really got any help. Luckily I feel just fine now, but it was a really frightening experience. Now I'm covered in Directions Violet hair dye, with my head wrapped in cling film! I look like a Conehead.
TL;DR: Don't use Jerome Russell bleach kit, you'll end up like an intching lobster.

On our way to the hospital XD 

Tonight we're going to Her Majestys Theatre to see the Phantom of the Opera!! I haven't seen it in about six or seven years, and it's actually the 10th year anniversary from when I saw it for the first time here in London :) So that's nice, I'm really looking forward to it. 

Also, I've had about three cups of tea every day since I got here. They do drink a lot of tea here in England :)

Cheerio! (Even though they don't really say that here, but.. :p)

fredag 1. februar 2013


I lied. I'm not updating from London as I said I would, I just wanted to let out a little happiness!

I'm officially admitted to Waseda University! HURRAY!

Last night Thomas and I bought one-way plane ticket (dat feeling!), and answered a housing and arrival questionnaire. The questionnaire was amusing enough, they asked if I smoke, when I go to bed, if I'm afraid of heights, amongst other things.. ^^ 

Plane ticketsss, SO EXCITED!!!

I was at the uni library when I read the adimssion e-mail, it was so hard not to scream and laugh of joy, haha. And afterwards I had this huuge stupid grin on my face while I skipped my way home! Never to old for skipping ;) So now I have to start cleaning out my room, sort out what I'm going to keep, sell, give away and throw away. It's funny how easy it suddenly becomes to really clean out your stuff and get rid of so much when you know there is such a bigger prize in the horizon, it's unbelievable. Feels like I can throw it all away and start fresh! ...But I'm not going to do that, it's important to have bits from your past so you don't lose yourself :)

Now I probably should get out of bed and actually start going through my stuff, as well as packing for my London trip tomorrow! Wish me luck!
♥ xoxo 

lørdag 26. januar 2013

Oslo reunion trip + New camera!

So last weekend I went to Oslo for a Jfashion reunion for us ~*oldies*~
And luckily, the same day I left for Oslo, my new camera arrived! *cheers of joy*

It's SO nice to have a new camera, and one that's way more modern than my old camera.. :) But I felt a bit "old" when I got the camera; I didn't think about the memory card. I didn't think I needed it. So yeah, that's what I get for being technologically impaired x)

My baby ^^ 
I wonder if I'm going to bling it or not, I have to think about it, and what would look nice before I do something =)

Anyway! Last Friday I took the night train to Oslo, so I arrived about 06:30 in the morning.. puh! It was really cold, but luckily my dear Pernille were kind enough to let me sleep at her place before taking the train to Ski(buya) where Erlend lives :)

After meeting Erlend and Xiao at the train station, we went to grab a bite! 

Taco salad~! It was okay, a bit too much lettuce and onion.. and not enough cherry tomatoes and salad goodness.

Messy table w/ make up, alcohol and... stuff! ^^

Before curls~ 

After curls~! This was the first time I curled my own hair with a hair straightener, pretty happy! And the curls stayed ALL night, lol

 Cutie Xiao and me! 


 Xiao and me ate wasabi nuts like it was the end of the world. So delish! 

 Erlend being fancy pouring his wine~

 We played the Pokemon drinking game.. Don't really remember much after that, lol :'D


The day after... Oh my god, I haven't been so hungover in years, I think. Also, I totally forgot to remove my make up and my lenses(!), so my eyes were hurting as if my arms was being chewed off. Luckily, only one eye was like this, so I walked around with one eye shut that day XD After we went to McD's, and Xiao left, Erlend and me watched some ANTM~

Took the train to Oslo again, and went back to Pernilles place. We ate dinner, talked, and fell asleep early! After 12 hours (!) of sleep, I felt awesome again! But that feeling was temporary.. When I went to eat before going back to Bergen, I felt absolutely horrible again haha. 


The train ride back was... so boring! Half way through I finished the only book I brought, Murakamis 1Q84. So for the rest of the ride I just.. looked out the window into the darkness.. Yay xD

Next time I'm updating, I think it'll be from London! Going to visit a good friend of mine there who's studying there, can't wait! 

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