tirsdag 21. juni 2011

Breakfast + Shopping

I don't have much to blog about lately, just been working and spending money, as you have seen. XD

Yesterday I stuffed my face with burgers, mashed potatoes, hot dogs etc etc.. So today I'm eating a bit more healthy.
I feel so sleepy and dumb when I only eat fast food aka garbage.

I loooove tomatoes.

I bought a maxi dress from H&M the other day, only 75kr ^^v

Make up & details:

I like purple eyeshadow on me, makes my eyecolour POP ^^

I also had to buy a new lipstick, since my nude lipstick is all used up... x)

Yes, it's a crap photo! Anyway, it's from Gosh, colour 134 Darling (ofc :))
Love it to pieces!

I've recieved some emails, orders statuses and so. It makes me happy to hear that my babies are on their way! *waits impatiently*

♥ * ♥ * ♥

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