torsdag 28. juli 2011


Okay, I did have a feeling that yesterdays date with Martin would be our last..

We split up.

We sat in a cafe drinking tea/coffee, and suddenly he gets this sad look on his face.. I ask what's on his mind, and he replies "I think it would be best if we go our seperate ways from here.."
I was in a little shock, even though I knew deep down this day would come. Eventually as we start talking, I cry, he cries.
He followed me home, where we kissed and hugged while I cried my heart out. It was so hard to let go of him, because then and there I could only remember our best moment, our best days.

I thought for one moment "Why the hell are we doing this? I love him!", and the other "This is for the best, we've grown apart"

Because we have.
The little differences that made us interesting as a couple has only grown larger and alienated ourselves. If we've changed that much in three-four years, what would have happened the next three years when we're apart?

I do love him, I really do.

Thank you for all the happy memories you've given me, thank you for all the strength and hope you've given me. I wouldn't change a thing, if I had to do it all again it'd be exactly the same.
I wish you a happy life, and good luck with your studies, good luck with your future.
Goodbye... "for now"

onsdag 27. juli 2011

New dawn, new day

The shock is starting to wear off, good. Starting to live the normal life again.
On Monday we walked in a rose "march" to show our condolences to the victims of the twin attacks.
The biggest march was of course in Oslo, with around 200.000 people attending. In Trondheim we had "only" 20.000, it was packed!

Roses at the Olav Trygvason statue

It was very moving, very sad. But still with dignity.

I should tell you about the previous days though, went I went out to the countryside with Veronica and Kenneth to relax, and afterwards I played with Jørgen at Støy på landet (Noise festival outside the city).


Veronica chillin'

Beautiful sunset taken with crappy cell phone camera :'D

Støy på landet was very fun, despite what had happened the hours before. I think it was the shock that made us have a good time and not realize the full damage until the next day.

Sindre and me

Sindre and Jan Gaute. Everyone here are completely normal...

ElektroSopp, by My friends Andreas and Magnus :D 'twas awesome.

Drunk much??

Then me and Jørgen played, or should I was say we "played"

Jørgen on vocal, pretty drunk and rambling on in his mic and me, playing Solitaire XDD

Look :D


It was fun!

Now I have to get ready for my possibly last date with my bf in a looong time :( He's going to Wacken open air while I'm moving to Bergen...

søndag 24. juli 2011


Det har vært mye gråt, med noen timers opphold her og der. Opphold der man kan glemme virkeligheten for en stund og kan ha det gøy med gode venner.
Det er hardt å fordøye, hardt å jobbe seg gjennom..

To døgn er gått, alt sitter fortsatt brent på hjernebarken.
De døde blir snart offentliggjort, sier statsministeren. Det blir en ny prøvelse, ett nytt møte med ondskapen som har skjedd.

Jeg personlig kjenner ingen som har blitt skadet eller drept, men tanken på at mange av mine gode venner fra Oslo var innenfor trykkradiusen fra bomben skremmer vettet av meg. Jeg er så glad for at dere er i god behold!

lørdag 23. juli 2011

Oslo + Utøya terror attack

This is absolutely horrible.

Yesterday a huge bomb went off in the government HQ in Oslo, and within the hour a crazy shooting episode occured at a political youth camp on an island, Utøya, outside Oslo.

92 confirmed killed. Many people are critically injured, and many many are still missing.

The aftermath in Oslo

A LOT of people spread hateful racist messages on Facebook yesterday about muslims and the immigration politics.. I bet many people are ashamed of bashing the islamic culture without having their facts sorted out! People are so narrowminded and blinded by hate....Because the man responsible is a christian right wing extremist Norwegian guy. His name is Anders Behring Breivik, and he is currently the most hated man in Norway. How can a person dress up as a police officer, and suddenly scream "I'm gonna kill you all!" and open fire on innocent kids? I'm absolutely speechless, absolutely speechless.
I want to strangle him myself, but it's not the right thing to do. It won't solve anything. We're not a country of "an eye for an eye". As our Prime Minister said; "Our answer to violence is even more democracy"

I think now we - both the government and the Norwegian people - are handling this very well. We won't accept this, justice will prevail and we will stand together through this.

I love you, Norway!

søndag 17. juli 2011


I did it, I got into the university :D
Japanese bachelor here I come ♥♥♥♥

So then it's final: I'm going to Bergen.

These are pictures from the last time I was in Bergen, with my bf =) So sad to leave him behind :'(((

But YAY I'm actually doing something in my life that I know I will enjoy!

fredag 15. juli 2011


I just found this stunning picture of Belle from the Beauty and the Beast ♥♥♥♥
(What's the name of the original painting?)

Can't we dress like this today?? *drool*

YAY and MEH.


I get to exchange the Runwaydreamz shorts! I sent it yesterday, with my measurements and such, very detailed with drawings and everything haha. It needs to fit!

I just hope I get them before I move to Bergen! T_T

Speaking of Bergen..
Me and Emilie haven't found a place to live yet :( The real estate prices are ridiculous, and there are more people than apartments.
I just hope I can avoid sleeping on a matress in a hall for the first month..! That would be horrible! But maaaybe Oda also will join us, so that makes it a bit easier finding a place to live.
So we'll see.

I just hate the uncertainty of it! Not knowing if I get in, not knowing if I'll actually get a roof over my head, and if I can afford that roof without working my ass off while trying to study.


*goes off to eat some breakfast/lunch*

onsdag 13. juli 2011

Boots + Shorts!


I got my boots today!

FedEx said that the boots were in Oslo, while said that it's been in trondheim all along, and the last pick-up day was yesterday. I ran fast as hell to the post office today, to hear that the boots have been sent back, and has already gone out of the country.
One of the employees called costumer service for me, and they found out that the package was here all along XD It took them 20 minutes to figure that out. Wow.

ANYPOO, here are my new babies!

They fit perfectly!


I also got my RUNWAYDREAMZ hotpants a week ago or something.. THEY DON'T FIT.
I gave the dude my measurements, and he reccomended XS. He was wrong. Fuck. I hate my big hips sometimes.
They are SO gorgeous, I'm trying to exchange it to another size, but he hasn't replied to my email yet. I've sent him two emails.

"Oooh, pretty! They don't look that small..."

I would LOVE to have these, I mean look at them ;__;

I managed to squeeze myself into the shorts, just to get a picture of them with the boots.
They're so awesome!

Hoping to get even more packages today, I'm expecting a wig, nail tips and eyelashes! ♥
OH, and I got my eyelash glue from Pinkyparadise yesterday, YAY!

I can live like a normal gyaru again *_*

++++ I changed the layout background, found the other one to be too busy.. :) Hope u like!

mandag 11. juli 2011

Outfit 10.07.11 + "art" + Car

This is what I wore yesterday, trying out a new hairstyle!
Heavily inspired by 2NE1, dunno if it shows.. :P

Make up
I just look like a nerdy white girl! :( (Well technically, I AM a nerdy white girl..)
And I hate that the camera washes out my blush!

Customized T-shirt:
Custumized jeans: Serious Jeans
Sneakers: T.U.K

Yesterday I spent the night drawing, for like.. 4 hours. I can barerly sit still for that long, let alone DRAW XD

Pretty happy, strongly inspired by Christians ballpoint pen+highlighter drawing

OH! On Saturday me and my bf went to see Transformers 3, and we ate at MacDonalds (lol..)
And then we saw THIS:

A bright red Ferrari 348 TB! ♥♥♥ FOR SALE.

I sat in the car, and thought I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE.
It wasn't expensive either, because the interiour was pretty old and worn out.. 350.000NOK *wants*
But.. I don't know how to drive XD And a Ferrari is maybe the only reason I would want to get my drivers license.

Now I'm going to my friends house, cya!

onsdag 6. juli 2011

Oslo + Desucon!

Woah, super late update, but here goes!

So, I was 1 week in Oslo, living with my best Friend Veronica and her bf Kenneth.

Wednesday: Birthday party
Thursday: CHILL (Smart club shopping!)
Friday: ParaPara rehearsal
Saturday: Desucon+party
Sunday: BBQ
Monday: CHILL
Tuesday: CHILL
Wednesday: Go home T_T


Went to Eivinds place to practise the para routine, but after a while we just ate and goofed around:)

I only have one picture from Friday worth posting:
Marcus & Eivind, dressed up Nobu-kei! lol, SO SEXY


Oooomg I was SOO nervous when I got to Desucon, entering the main hall (where we were going to dance). My head got clouded, stomach wringing with nervousness!

Cutie Ingvild :)

Marcus and Oda :)

We practised a couple of times when it was OUR TIME to get on stage! By now my head was filled with don't-fuck-up, God-I'm-going-to-die and STOP-SHAKING-AND-SWEATING.

And we were on.

The routine itself went splendid for me, and I didn't notice any of the other girls making mistakes either :) It felt soo awesome to be on stage! ♥ I really love it, I do.. It's just the before's and after's that are horrible XD
Yes, I felt just as nauseous and nervous after the show, but we got great feedback! So we went directly up to Eivinds to get our drink on!
Later, me Ronja and Ingvild went out on the town, to get even more drunk, haha.. Then we went home to Ronjas to crash.

In other words, great night!
Pictures from the party:

Eivind with Amandas usamimi *giggle*

Me and cutie Maria!

Me and Monica, and Maria in the background XDDD

Marcus and Ronja

Me and Ronja ♥

Cutest picture of Marcus and Monica together, both preeeeetty apeshit drunk ;D ♥

Me and Ingvild @ Møllers (LOOOOL)


BBQ in Frognerparken!

It was very relaxing and chiiiiill, I think most of us were kinda hung over, haha :D
After some time I actually feel asleep in the grass! So dreamy.. hehe

My outfit:

Dress: H&M
Bag: H&M
Belt: Fretex

Alien cloud!

The rest of the days were pretty darn relaxing, which was very good for me. I needed a little break :) Some shopping with Veronica, and we watched a lot of movies and ate loooots of candy while I stayed! ♥♥♥ If we lived together, we'd both be over 9000kgs because of all the yummy food and candy XD

The trip home was agonizing, SO BORING. And at the stop midways I wanted to have something to drink (aka tap water), but the water there was contaminated so I didn't have anything to drink for 8 hours T_T

I'll post more about the AWESOME S-party my friends had last weekend, god damn that was fun :D

*runs off to work*
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