fredag 3. juni 2011

Birthday wishlist!

My birthday is in 1 week, go meeeee
So here's a little wishlist I've made, just for fun :)

Hotpants: GOLDS infinity
Belt + Necklace:
Scarf: Kireiplaza @ Rakuten

Dress: JSG
Bag: Galstar @ Rakuten
Keychain: SBY
Bracelet: DURAS
Hairbow: Chiara

I want this stuff in my liiiiiiiiife! *dreams away*
I still don't know what to wear for my birthday.. We'll see, I'll come up with something!

Now I'm just concerned I won't get my apartment cleaned up before next Saturday.. ...yes, it's messy. And filthy. Wouldn't let people in here. So yeah.
I wish all this clutter would magically disappear somewhere.. Maybe under the bed? I've got way too many empty shoeboxes.

But now, I'm going to bed.

Good night!

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