torsdag 23. juni 2011

Birthday party no. 2!!

Haha, I'm sooo lucky to have a friend like Veronica ♥♥♥

Her bf picked me up at the station, and when we came to their apartment, Veronica, Adeel, Hanne, Sofie and Vincent and Caroline were there yelling happy birthday and throwing confetti around :'DD

The trip down:
GOD it was soooooo boring! I haven't travelled by bus in a while, so it felt like FOREVER, haha.

Water melon snack for lunch ♥

Back to the party...
Veronica had crisps, candy, oreo cake, hot dogs (my fav. food, not kidding XD), all just for me ♥

Karine with a feather'stash!

The peepz! Eirin and Jarle also came, a bit later :)

Veronica giving Catnip to one of the kitties x)) Alyx (le cat) suddenly got a loooot of attention :D

The gifts:

From Veronica ♥
She's always good with presents, and I just got shitloads of stuff! Candy, decorations, figurines, more candy (8DDDD) little trinkets and Ageha :D

Bottle of Absolut from Hanne ;D

Feather necklace and bracelts from Karine ♥

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  1. Iiih, så braaaa :D Jeg var så fryktelig sliten jeg, men håper vi rekker å sees i helga?! Jaaaa <3


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