fredag 17. juni 2011

Serious shopping

I think I need help.
I've spent a bit of monnnneeeeeey, YAY me!

From Runwaydreamz:

From Yumetenbo:

In leopard

In black

In black B

From Shirohato:

3 underwear sets.
I don't know what they'll look like, it's kind of a lucky pack :p

From Ami Clubwear:

Boooooots! Because they are AWESOMELY TACKY.

From Superkul:

From Shoesone:
I finally got them! I've been drooling over them for the past..year? haha

....puh! I'm exhausted.
I'm pretty hungover, I woke up around 3pm... FUCK. I was supposed to send school papers to Bergen, and get my tongue pierced.. But that didn't happen.

Note to self: Send papers on Monday. Get tongue pierced during the summer.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Å diggbare saker!!! Hva skal du i Bergen til høsten?:) <3

  2. Skal studere japansk, bachelor :D

  3. oh my. kjenner jeg misunner deg rimelig mye nå, ja


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