torsdag 30. juni 2011


So I went to my local post office to get 2 packages. A weight scale and shoes from shoesone.
When I get my two packages I leave the post office, but. what. This is from DreamV, not Shoesone. WTH.
*Goes back inside*
Got two more packages with my name on it, I had to get help to manage all four (kinda big) boxes.

So here goes!


The post office lady just taped together the Yumetenbo boxes and taped a plastic bag to it, as a handle XD Genius.

Shiny weight scale!

I love these! I was afraid they'd be too small, but 35 was just the right size :)

Yumetenbo stuff!

Gladiator sandals, in lovely red ♥

Simple top

Hotpants! Now, I was worried that these wouldn't fit.... I was right. I can pu them on, but they don't feel/look good.. So tight!

They squish my thighs, as you can see :XX

And LOL the button came right off, I barerly touched it.. Haha. Nothing I can't fix though :)

I loooove this one! The collar is HUGE.

Comfy cardi ♥

Don't mind the derpy pose 8DDD I like this outfit. If only the hotpants weren't so small. (They're a size L FFS! I feel so huge :( )

Looooooot! (everything looks so good together, haha!)

Yes I know, I need to clean my apartment.. XD

I have to show you guys a kick ass pair of shoes I bought in Oslo at Bianco!! Military green suede boots with wooden sole and leather straps! Aaaaaah I love them!
It was also 2 for 1, so I got a pair of sparkly flip flops for free ^^

With that, I should start making dinner and get ready for work.

Now playing: Lady Faith - Donya Ye Man
♥♪♫♪♥ Hardstyle ♥♪♫♪♥

torsdag 23. juni 2011

Birthday party no. 2!!

Haha, I'm sooo lucky to have a friend like Veronica ♥♥♥

Her bf picked me up at the station, and when we came to their apartment, Veronica, Adeel, Hanne, Sofie and Vincent and Caroline were there yelling happy birthday and throwing confetti around :'DD

The trip down:
GOD it was soooooo boring! I haven't travelled by bus in a while, so it felt like FOREVER, haha.

Water melon snack for lunch ♥

Back to the party...
Veronica had crisps, candy, oreo cake, hot dogs (my fav. food, not kidding XD), all just for me ♥

Karine with a feather'stash!

The peepz! Eirin and Jarle also came, a bit later :)

Veronica giving Catnip to one of the kitties x)) Alyx (le cat) suddenly got a loooot of attention :D

The gifts:

From Veronica ♥
She's always good with presents, and I just got shitloads of stuff! Candy, decorations, figurines, more candy (8DDDD) little trinkets and Ageha :D

Bottle of Absolut from Hanne ;D

Feather necklace and bracelts from Karine ♥

onsdag 22. juni 2011


Sitting on the bus, about three hours until I arrive Oslo!

Had some yummy lunch in Kvam, watermelon and crossword puzzles XDD
*old lady*

The weather is so warm and nice today ♥

tirsdag 21. juni 2011

Packing frenzy!

I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR AT DESUCON, VRÆL! I know I can't pack everything, because I just don't have room for everything.

...okay I just threw a bunch of stuff in my bags, something good better come out of this! :OOO

Picture from work today:

Solving crossword puzzles while bothering people on the phone. (And drinking yummy blueberry smoothie! ♥)

Me and my bf had home made burger the other day, OH MY GOD it was amazinnnnggggg! I really wish we could eat more than just two each XD ♥

And NOW I finally can go to bed. Fuck shower, I can do that when I arrive at Kenneth and Veronicas place tomorrow night :P

Breakfast + Shopping

I don't have much to blog about lately, just been working and spending money, as you have seen. XD

Yesterday I stuffed my face with burgers, mashed potatoes, hot dogs etc etc.. So today I'm eating a bit more healthy.
I feel so sleepy and dumb when I only eat fast food aka garbage.

I loooove tomatoes.

I bought a maxi dress from H&M the other day, only 75kr ^^v

Make up & details:

I like purple eyeshadow on me, makes my eyecolour POP ^^

I also had to buy a new lipstick, since my nude lipstick is all used up... x)

Yes, it's a crap photo! Anyway, it's from Gosh, colour 134 Darling (ofc :))
Love it to pieces!

I've recieved some emails, orders statuses and so. It makes me happy to hear that my babies are on their way! *waits impatiently*

♥ * ♥ * ♥

fredag 17. juni 2011

Serious shopping

I think I need help.
I've spent a bit of monnnneeeeeey, YAY me!

From Runwaydreamz:

From Yumetenbo:

In leopard

In black

In black B

From Shirohato:

3 underwear sets.
I don't know what they'll look like, it's kind of a lucky pack :p

From Ami Clubwear:

Boooooots! Because they are AWESOMELY TACKY.

From Superkul:

From Shoesone:
I finally got them! I've been drooling over them for the past..year? haha

....puh! I'm exhausted.
I'm pretty hungover, I woke up around 3pm... FUCK. I was supposed to send school papers to Bergen, and get my tongue pierced.. But that didn't happen.

Note to self: Send papers on Monday. Get tongue pierced during the summer.

torsdag 16. juni 2011


I spent the day hanging up posters for the Fetish Party that Hellfire is having the 25th. I'm sad I can't go, but I'm glad that I can attend desucon though xD
Then I stumbled upon this little treasure box in a little shop:

I got it for 50NOK, because it was slightly "damaged". I think this one normally costs 200kr, so it was a very good price :)

Here was the problem:

Some nails had gone loose from the bottom, so I just fixed it. HANDYMAN CHRIS, FUCK YEAH.

tirsdag 14. juni 2011

My birthday party

I've finally "come to my senses" after my birthday party, haha :D So now I can blog about it!

My day outfit

Me and my bf got free dinner at SushiMe, courtsey of my buddy Vegard who works there :D
Seriously, I got lots of tasty sashimi, nigiri and maki rolls, and my bf got fried chicken with salad and mashed potatoes ^^

And since it was super sunny we sat outside ^_^ (he looks so skeptical, but he liked the food XD)

We bought cupcakes, cleaned up the apartment and waited for people to come!

I had the most awesome time! As I wrote earlier, I made lots of jelly shots, and it was a total success! ♥

Me and Tuong-Vy, one of my best childhood friends :)

A cupcake and my wonderful rainbow jello "drink"!

Me and my wonderful rainbow jello "drink" x) I look so weird here though :/

From left: Vegard, Anka, Susann and Samuel :)

Jello shots!

Susann taking my porcelain cupcake tops and wearing them as tits! XD

Me and Tuong-vy ♥

Vegard sucking on my balloon.. ? XD

Susann compairing my yellow friends XD

Samuel feeding Susann beer ;D

Haha, martin looks so FOREVER ALONE XDDDD

Anka and me ^^

Me and Vegard

When we got out on the town I got a free drink, and it was BLUUUUE! I was very happy, probably from the massive amounts of jelly shots XD

Anka and a new friend of me, Lea, who dressed up as Smurfette :D

Me and susann, obviously drunk XD

I hope next year's birthday will be just as awesome!! ♥♥
The past days I've just been hangin out with my bf, eating pizza and chillaxing.
Love ♥

I still haven't gotten the pink wig yet, annoys me a bit. Since I won and paid for that first, I should get it in the mail first, before the white one. Just a pet peeve I have x)

And lastly, a video of my peeps singing the birthday song to Grendels "Zombie nation" XD

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