søndag 19. februar 2012

I'm not dead!!

...I promise XD

I've been soo busy with school and such after I got home from my Christmas holiday, I haven't had time to blog or anything!
Eventually I will post some pictures from Christmas and up until now, but I'll do i when I feel like it.. There's too much for one post XD

So, the news are:
We've finally started the Japanese lessons, I'm not exactly struggling yet since I know some Japanese already.. But I'm guessing it'll be hell from next semester on!

I'll be making a sales post pretty soon, I kinda spent wayyyy too much money on alcohol last Friday, haha... hah..ha.....ah. So yeah, selling stuff soon!

I've dyed my hair RED! Finally!
I actually don't have a decent picture of it, only webcam pics:

It's a more light, vivid red, but it's so dark here right now x)

I can absolutely not find my lashes nor my lash glue.. So annoying! I wanna do full gyaru make up again soon, but I don't want to do it half-assed :p It's been so long time since I last got really dolled up, I just haven't had time! Or just, not being bothered by actually doing it.
But now I've had enough! Next Saturady some friends and I will celebrate our dear Anne, who turns 20 years old that day! And we will be fabulous!!

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