torsdag 17. mars 2011


I sold a LOT of stuff yesterday!
I sold about two thirds of my Lolita wardrobe to my friend, and she wants more :P
So I got 3200kr richer over night ;D I've spent around 1000kr today, 500kr was to my bf, I managed to break his headphones yesterday, LOL. I also had a plan about what to buy today, and I actually managed to stick to it! Bought some underwear and black jeans. I looked everywhere, and tried on everything, no jeans looked good on me! Finally I tried on a cheap pair from H&M, and they fit me perfectly :D

So I'm going to make an entry about the CouruteTime gyaru meetup from 2 weeks ago! I didn't have my USB cable, I couldn't transfer the pics from cell to pc.. heheee. But now I can!

Stay tuned!

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