mandag 28. mars 2011

My recent pasttime acivity

These past few days I've been watching a series that I used to LOVE when I was younger.

It's called The Pretender. It's about a pretender (a genius that can become who she/he wants to be) called Jarod, that have escaped from the secret coorperation facility in which he was raised and exploited.

I remember me and my mom and brother were so frustrated when we watched the series in the 90's, because we never saw the pilot episode! We just missed it, every time.
'Missed it again... Darn it!'
And remember, back then we had no tivo or ability to download the episode ;)

Aaaah, Michael T. Weiss, one of my childhood crushes ♥

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  1. I just finished watching it yesterday :P Its so fustrating that they didnt finish it. There was suposed to be 4 seasons and 4 movies, but they only made 2 movies so you dont get to know how it ends :(


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