mandag 21. mars 2011


Here are some pictures from the two past weekends:

Karines birthday party

Me and the birthday giiiirl ♥

Yes, I have a little pirate flag on my head.

Lilly dearest

Lars and Yngve


Lars! Since it was St. Patricks day, we got bright green beers and drinks :D

Samuel, Susann and Karine. Lovely people ♥

Paugh! presents Sturm Café (S)

Supertight outfit and hair! Going for a more androgynous look here, not exactly gyaru, hehehe.

Nina and Trude


Susann and Samuel ♥

Posing with the decoration :P It was reeeally hot inside, so I took some of the decoration and used it as a fan :P

5 kommentarer:

  1. Woow, du klædd virkelig å ha håret stramt bakover. D va kjæmpefint. :D

  2. Your looks are so versatile! I'm always afraid my lashes will be too dramatic so I chicken out before trying new things but all these look so nice. XDD

    I love the androgynous-look! I'm into visual-music so there's no surprise there but the eyes could always work really well for a sexy night look. :3

  3. you look like a doll! you're very beautiful and i like your eyes :) your blog is awesome

  4. Miss waaave: Aaawe, thank you! ♥
    Thank you too, anon :)


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