onsdag 16. mars 2011

Stuff for sale!

Okay, I need to get rid of some stuff.
My closet is over packed with stuff I don't wear anymore, and stuff I've never really used.

ALL prices include shipping!

So, this is what I have to offer first time around:
Cyber/Goth version!

Lip Service Queen of hearts PVC dress

Size: XS
I'm a size EU34/36 around the hips, it's TIGHT and wouldn't recommend it to someonewith a bigger butt than that ;)
Condition: Very good! I've used it twice and there are no spots or tears!
Price: 700NOK/130USD

Lip Service zipper skirt
(Google chrome is being a bitch and rotates some pictures..)


Size: S-M
Condition: Very good! Used a couple of times, still in wonderful condition
Price: 350NOK/65USD

Cyberdog Black sari pants

Size: One size (fits XS-XL I guess:))
Condition: Very good! I've used it once or twice, it's really been lying around with no purpose in life. The color is BLACK, not faded black even though it looks like it on the photo.
These are perfect for nightclubbing! Light and comfortable:)
Price: 500NOK/95USD

Peace now pleat skirt
(Chrome is being a bitch again..)

Size: S
Condition: Worn. Bought it from Closet child 5-6 years ago, and I've used it several times. A button on the side is missing, but it won't be a problem since there's a zipper and another button :)
Price: 400NOK/75USD

Grendel 'Harsh Generation' Band Tee

Size: S
Condition: Good, used a couple of times.
Bought this at a Grendel concert three years ago, haven't really worn it that much..
Price: 150NOK/30USD

Omen velvet skirt SOLD THANK YOU!!
Size: M, fits S as well! it's really stretchy.
Condition: Ok. I've done some work on the skirt since it was too big when I bought it, so there are some loose threads at the waistband. Otherwise, good condition!
Now I've had this for AGES. Haven't worn it that much the past four years, it's from my short OMG OLD SCHOOL GOTH♥♥ era where I used corsets and long skirts on a daily basis.
Price: 400NOK/75USD

(note, chrome is being a bitch again. How do I fix this, seriously?)




Size: One size, recommended for S-M
Condition: Very good! Bought from Closet child, used once or twice by myself.
Price: 400NOK/75USD

Ellie faux fur platform boots SOLD THANK YOU!!

Size: EU37/US6
Condition: Very good! Used a couple of times, they are unfortunately too big, so it's quite risky for me to walk in them :P
Price: 700NOK/130USD

Note: Shipping in Norway is pretty expensive, that's why the items might be considered pricey.

Thank you for looking, stay tuned for more, next round will be Lolita!

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  1. Jeg vil gjerne ha Ellie faux fur platform boots :D


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