søndag 27. mars 2011

Hellfires annual Masquerade!

Woooah, yesterdays party was certinately a success! A lot of people showed up and almost everybody was dancing their asses off! :)

My outfit:

Tank top: H&M, modified by me
Skirt+Tulle shorts: Made by me
Boots: Demonia
Mask: Modified by me ;D

Make up:
It's pretty drag-esque, but I'm satisfied ;)
I was pretty much sober all night, I have no money to spend on such luxury as alcohol :P It was nice though, being able to remember everything the day after, and feeling refreshed in the morning!

Maybe I should just drink less from now on. Sure, I love my Bacardi Límon, but it's nice to be alive the day after and not angsting over stupid stuff I did the night before ;)

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