mandag 16. juli 2012

Moving sucks..

...but it feels so great when you're done!

I'm not quiiite done yet though. I'm living temporarily at Emilies house outside Bergen. We'll be moving in the first of August, and then the progress is complete :) 

Some pictures:

WARBLGHARBL Delicious dinner!

Packing down my life.. A bit sad, but at the same time refreshing!

 Bought a smal heartshaped purse, with round studs. So pretty! 

 A list of things to remember while staying at Emilies house, and my B-day gift; "Let's make some great art". It's a lot of fun :D 

 Om nom nom chocolate milk

 Om nom nom Mini Lovehearts! 

 Her dog, Milou. (He's sooo fat haha) 

So now I'm just waiting for the time to pass, so we can move into our new apartment already! 
I've started playing PC-games again, I keep forgetting I have Steam, haha.. So I bought some games at their summer sale, Portal 1+2, Machinarium and Superbrothers: Sword and sworcery EP. Portal is AWESOME.
And I've been playing Zelda on the 64 as well.. :D Am I turning into an actual gamer? :O

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