fredag 6. juli 2012

Actually went out to see people.. :O !

Today was the first day I actually met someone I knew, face to face in like... 8 days or so. Haha.
Felt good to get out! Felt good to put on some decent make up! Felt good to talk about all and nothing with friends! Felt good to shop (only a little bit..)!

We went to Burger King... Aaaah Steakhouse burger!! 

This is some of what I bought: 
Lilac lace top, lilac longsleeve, pink studded choker: Cubus
Flip flops: Accessorize
Hairties, ribbons: Søstrene Grene

Close up on the choker; it's so gorgeous and simple!

And when I got home, I checked the mail... I've gotten my wig that I bought from the lovely Monica! :)
It's pretty tight, but I think it'll stay on better when I order a wig cap.. :) I really like the colour on me, I've always looked better in darker shades.

It's seriously long.. I love it! 

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