onsdag 4. juli 2012

4th of July.. Eventful day

So.. Woke up to the news that it's a 99,something-chance that the Higgs' Boson is discovered.
That's kinda mindbogglingly awesome.

(I think they need to make a new song now :))

Later, I read that ACTA suffered a humiliating defeat in European Parlament, with 39 in favor and 478 against.
That's also kinda awesome.

Aaaand, Charles Trippy also made the front page of Reddit with Zoey and Marley XD
That's not super awesome for a lot of people, but it made me smile since I follow him and Alli on their youtube channel CTFxC :) 

I am currently living as a hermit, because everyone is gone for the summer, and the ones who still are here are too busy working summer jobs. *sigh* So I'm playing Zelda, reloading everything on the internet every 5 minutes. And also packing a bit, cleaning the apartment bit by bit. I really hope I could get a job as soon as possible, because it's really expensive to move... with deposits, moving agencies etc.. I hope I can afford everything! I guess that's also a reason for me just staying home, so I won't use any money :P I've also basically stopped looking and drooling at things online because I know I can't afford it. Oh well.

I'm thinking of going into the city today though, just to get out a bit and maybe do some grocery shopping.

Oh! I have also been watching some documentaries, just to make the time pass.
The ones I've been watching are:
Yakuza (the pronounciation of the Japanese names is horrible though..)
The day my God died (Child prostitution and human trafficing in India and Nepal)

Not the most happy-go-lucky documentaries, but they're very good! And, they make me feel grateful for the childhood and the life I have been given :)

Mashed potatoes with octopus sausages 8DDDD

So it's 15:19 right now, maybe I should get out of bed.. XD

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