torsdag 29. november 2012

Waiting.. And todays look!

As I am waiting for my Litas, I have googled around about the size for these shoes, if they're big, small, or true to size.

....most of the reviews I've read say that the shoes are quite small and narrow in size... 
Makes me worry if the shoes fit me at all, or if I have a slightest chance of getting my short fat foot into those boots. :P "¤HUI/R¤#LKSGVI/ WHY didn't I go safe and order in US6? Oh well. 

Let's hope for the best, eh?
*crosses fingers*

 * * * *

Today's look!

Thought I'd finally used the white frame glasses I bought this summer! My hair is still yellorange, I'm bleaching it once more next week, and then (maybe after being blonde for a liiiittle while) I'm going PURPLE up in this bitch! 

First exam of the semester is TOMORROW! Aaaaah! Let me run around the house and scream my lungs out for a minute k? I'm nervous. Well, not nervous about the exam. That is why I'm nervous. Why aren't I freaking out over this exam?
Hope it's because I've learnt what I need to learn, and not because I don't give a sh*t.

Let's hope for an A, people! *returns to kanji practice*

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