tirsdag 12. juni 2012

Celebrated my birthday!

Soooo my birthday was yesterday, and of course I had to celebrate a little bit! 
I'm having a big party this Friday, but it's nice to do something on the actual day as well :) 

First off a couple of friends and I went to TGI Fridays to eat dinner! I ate a Cajun Cream Steak, oh my god it was SO delicious *drool*
For dessert I ate a Strawberry Shortcake, with ice cream and berries!
Look at it, soo delish:

I also got a birthday drink from Thomas, called Electric lemonade... oh my god it was so SOUR! I looove sour drinks, but it took me really long to finish it, haha XD

The staff also noticed that it was my birthday, and brought helium balloons to us, so my friends could sing a very high-pitched "happy birthday" song! XD The other tables just looked at us funny, haha.

Afterwards, we went to the movies, to see Prometheus, mwaha. It was AWESOME! I love Ridley Scott, and Noomi Rapace did an excellent job :)

I'm so happy nowadays, and I'm so looking forward to celebrate my birthday big time next Friday! :D 
I'm gonna make jelloshots.. hehehe...

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