fredag 8. juni 2012

These last few days...

These last few days have been uplifting, I always get so bored when I have nothing to do during the summer holiday.. 

Last weekend I went out both Friday and Saturday; Friday to a house-warming party for a friend, and Saturday, a last-night-out with Emilie before she moved back to Andenes! I'm going to miss her. 

The day before yesterday some friends and I were at a new fancy café with gorgeous furniture and a luxurious look. I ordered green tea and macaroon, delicious!

Yesterday I didn't do much... but I made something! I made a "klippekrans", a sweet kind of kringle with sugar and cinnamon :) I'm not the baking type, but I really got this one right! It was tasty as well, so happy ^^

After that we went to Bergens biggest shopping center, Lagunen, where did some shopping and ate at McDonalds. Everything was great :) I bought a pair of high waist shorts in dark denim, and a SUPER cute dress from Kappahl, from the childrens department XD All good-good. Had a nice evening too.

Today I had some friends over to help me clean out my closet, and tomorrow I'm applying for a job at a costume store! Aaaaand meeting a good friend from Trondheim, can't wait to see him again :D 

Wow I hope this entry wasn't too boring, haha. I'll try to post some outfit shots with my new shorts! They are gorgeous! :D

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