onsdag 27. juli 2011

New dawn, new day

The shock is starting to wear off, good. Starting to live the normal life again.
On Monday we walked in a rose "march" to show our condolences to the victims of the twin attacks.
The biggest march was of course in Oslo, with around 200.000 people attending. In Trondheim we had "only" 20.000, it was packed!

Roses at the Olav Trygvason statue

It was very moving, very sad. But still with dignity.

I should tell you about the previous days though, went I went out to the countryside with Veronica and Kenneth to relax, and afterwards I played with Jørgen at Støy på landet (Noise festival outside the city).


Veronica chillin'

Beautiful sunset taken with crappy cell phone camera :'D

Støy på landet was very fun, despite what had happened the hours before. I think it was the shock that made us have a good time and not realize the full damage until the next day.

Sindre and me

Sindre and Jan Gaute. Everyone here are completely normal...

ElektroSopp, by My friends Andreas and Magnus :D 'twas awesome.

Drunk much??

Then me and Jørgen played, or should I was say we "played"

Jørgen on vocal, pretty drunk and rambling on in his mic and me, playing Solitaire XDD

Look :D


It was fun!

Now I have to get ready for my possibly last date with my bf in a looong time :( He's going to Wacken open air while I'm moving to Bergen...

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