mandag 11. juli 2011

Outfit 10.07.11 + "art" + Car

This is what I wore yesterday, trying out a new hairstyle!
Heavily inspired by 2NE1, dunno if it shows.. :P

Make up
I just look like a nerdy white girl! :( (Well technically, I AM a nerdy white girl..)
And I hate that the camera washes out my blush!

Customized T-shirt:
Custumized jeans: Serious Jeans
Sneakers: T.U.K

Yesterday I spent the night drawing, for like.. 4 hours. I can barerly sit still for that long, let alone DRAW XD

Pretty happy, strongly inspired by Christians ballpoint pen+highlighter drawing

OH! On Saturday me and my bf went to see Transformers 3, and we ate at MacDonalds (lol..)
And then we saw THIS:

A bright red Ferrari 348 TB! ♥♥♥ FOR SALE.

I sat in the car, and thought I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE.
It wasn't expensive either, because the interiour was pretty old and worn out.. 350.000NOK *wants*
But.. I don't know how to drive XD And a Ferrari is maybe the only reason I would want to get my drivers license.

Now I'm going to my friends house, cya!

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  1. wow!
    your hair stlye surprised me!
    looks really cute on you!
    i like this kind of hair style <3


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