onsdag 13. juli 2011

Boots + Shorts!


I got my boots today!

FedEx said that the boots were in Oslo, while posten.no said that it's been in trondheim all along, and the last pick-up day was yesterday. I ran fast as hell to the post office today, to hear that the boots have been sent back, and has already gone out of the country.
One of the employees called costumer service for me, and they found out that the package was here all along XD It took them 20 minutes to figure that out. Wow.

ANYPOO, here are my new babies!

They fit perfectly!


I also got my RUNWAYDREAMZ hotpants a week ago or something.. THEY DON'T FIT.
I gave the dude my measurements, and he reccomended XS. He was wrong. Fuck. I hate my big hips sometimes.
They are SO gorgeous, I'm trying to exchange it to another size, but he hasn't replied to my email yet. I've sent him two emails.

"Oooh, pretty! They don't look that small..."

I would LOVE to have these, I mean look at them ;__;

I managed to squeeze myself into the shorts, just to get a picture of them with the boots.
They're so awesome!

Hoping to get even more packages today, I'm expecting a wig, nail tips and eyelashes! ♥
OH, and I got my eyelash glue from Pinkyparadise yesterday, YAY!

I can live like a normal gyaru again *_*

++++ I changed the layout background, found the other one to be too busy.. :) Hope u like!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Kjempefine kjøp! Dritt at shorsen var for liten da, får håpe de sier ja til å la deg bytte størrelse!
    Og den vippelimen er ♥♥

  2. I hope you can exchange the shorts! They are so lovely :D


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