fredag 1. februar 2013


I lied. I'm not updating from London as I said I would, I just wanted to let out a little happiness!

I'm officially admitted to Waseda University! HURRAY!

Last night Thomas and I bought one-way plane ticket (dat feeling!), and answered a housing and arrival questionnaire. The questionnaire was amusing enough, they asked if I smoke, when I go to bed, if I'm afraid of heights, amongst other things.. ^^ 

Plane ticketsss, SO EXCITED!!!

I was at the uni library when I read the adimssion e-mail, it was so hard not to scream and laugh of joy, haha. And afterwards I had this huuge stupid grin on my face while I skipped my way home! Never to old for skipping ;) So now I have to start cleaning out my room, sort out what I'm going to keep, sell, give away and throw away. It's funny how easy it suddenly becomes to really clean out your stuff and get rid of so much when you know there is such a bigger prize in the horizon, it's unbelievable. Feels like I can throw it all away and start fresh! ...But I'm not going to do that, it's important to have bits from your past so you don't lose yourself :)

Now I probably should get out of bed and actually start going through my stuff, as well as packing for my London trip tomorrow! Wish me luck!
♥ xoxo 

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  1. Congratulations! It sounds very exciting to spend a year in Japan :)


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