mandag 4. februar 2013

London, tea and allergic reactions.

I arrived in London last Saturday, and what a weekend it's been! 
I arrived at Victoria Station around 9.30 am. My friend Victoria was going to meet me there, but she was nowhere to be seen.. So I texted her, no answer. Called her, no answer. Sent her messages on FB, no answer.. I was starting to get really nervous and worried, she hadn't give me any sign of life since the day before.Three hours later, I got a text message saying she's overslept and that she had no words on how sorry she was! XD So we went to her house, and finally settling down a bit.

Later that night we went to her friends' house to drink and hang out~ It was very nice :) 

 Tash and Shina, being silly! 

Vicky and me~ I look reeeaally tired, because I didn't get any sleep from the night before.. :P

Yesterday Vicky and me went to~~~~~ CAMDEN! My favorite spot in the world, right behind Tokyo ;)
We did a bit of shopping, I got myself a new coat! It's really nice, but the man who sold it tried to overprice it. Not a chance in hell that the coat costs £90. I got it for £35, could've gone lower, but I'm not very good at haggling XD We walked around 'till 6pm, then went home. 



Inside Cyberdog ^^ Everytime I've been here in London, Cyberdog's been change. So I've technically been in 3 different Cyberdog stores XD

 Pretty horsie! 

 Kiss kiss~~~~ 

We went to this store with lots of special and vintage/antique glasses, was really cool :) (And really expensive!)

The plans for the evening was to bleach my roots and dye my hair violet. But what we didn't exactly plan, was that I had an allergic reaction to the peroxide... 
My skin felt really hot and itching, and I was red like a lobster! My scalp was fine though, but the rest of my body was like a baaad sunburn. I was dizzy, was having a bit of trouble breathing and talking, so we went to the A&E (accident and emergency centre) to figure it out. We waited and waited, and I kept feeling better and better. We waited in all about 3 hours before we went home again, because we never really got any help. Luckily I feel just fine now, but it was a really frightening experience. Now I'm covered in Directions Violet hair dye, with my head wrapped in cling film! I look like a Conehead.
TL;DR: Don't use Jerome Russell bleach kit, you'll end up like an intching lobster.

On our way to the hospital XD 

Tonight we're going to Her Majestys Theatre to see the Phantom of the Opera!! I haven't seen it in about six or seven years, and it's actually the 10th year anniversary from when I saw it for the first time here in London :) So that's nice, I'm really looking forward to it. 

Also, I've had about three cups of tea every day since I got here. They do drink a lot of tea here in England :)

Cheerio! (Even though they don't really say that here, but.. :p)

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  1. Adorei o blog, muito lindo, amei tudo. Parabéns mesmo, vou sempre estar aqui (:


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