onsdag 20. februar 2013

London pt. 3 Pancake day + Going out!

Yeeeah I'm really late with this last London update, haha. It's crazy to come back to Norway now, I have SO much to do before moving to Japan! Phew! 

Now where was I...? 
Right, London.

On Saturday morning I figured out how much money I spent on shopping and eating out, and lined up the reciepts I've gathered in a week.. 

Morning monster! I love that duvet, I could drown in it! The print is quite nice, too ^^ 

 All ready to go out~! 

We bought a pitcher each of yummy drinks! We we at this pub/bar/restaurant, can't remember the name... but the food was AWESOME! Mmmmh, dat pasta.

It was SNOWING!! :OOOO Run for your lives! Abandon ship! ...That was the reaction of the English, anyway.. Victoria and I just laughed at everybody panicking. Silly Englishmen :)

On Monday we decided, despite both having a cold, to go out drinking in Camden! 

 I did Victorias eye make up! I'm pretty pleased :) 

Tilt your head to the side, Norwegian style! :P Sorry, inside joke x) 

At first we went to Blues Kitchen, this really cool bar with a small stage for people to perform on. There was some guys performing really chill blues music, the whole bar had a really nice atmosphere! Vicky, Natasha and I met up with a friend of mine, Andreas, and a friend of his called Hans Erling! 

After a drink at Blues Kitchen we went to bar fifty-five, but they were about to close after we had one drink there... And it turns out, the whole of Camden was closing. Since it was a Monday. So our only choice after a couple of drinks, was to go into Central, to TigerTiger. LOL!
It's sooo not the best club around. In reality, it's a pretty generic club where young people get out-of-this-world shitfaced, hook up with other shitfaced people and (most of the time) awful music.. But it was coolio, cuz I was there with good friends ^^ We actually danced quite a lot at the end, hehe.

 Hans Erling, Natasha and Vicky. Dat hover hand.

 What's going on.. I don't even know XD

 Andreas, Han Erling and Natasha!

 The gang :D 

The next day, was PANCAKE DAY! Hurrraaaaay! 
We made pancakes, and had different "toppings", like lemon and sugar (the uk specialty), Nutella, Canadian maple syrup and the best of it all; Nugatti. Damn, I'm going to miss Nugatti when I go to Japan! 

 We actually had some fun making the pancakes, with food colouring! First, we added a whole bottle of blue colour, and the batter turned a bright baby blue. When we made the pancakes, the blue turned into a grey-blue moldylooking pancake... XDDDD It looked AWFUL! So, we added som red colouring to the rest of the batter, and it turned into a lovely lilac colour! "This has to look better that the blue ones!", we thought. We were kinda wrong. The batter turned darker and darker, and it looked like blistered, burned skin.. hahahahah, I'm never making purple pancakes again!! 

They tasted absolutely delightful, though! So it wasn't a complete catastrophy, hehe.

We chilled the next couple of days, watched films etc, and soon it was time for me to go back home to Norway... :C
The flight was not the best I've been on, the pressure in the cabin was so high, my ears hurt real bad :( So this little thing was to some help ;)

Mmmmh, bloody mary...

So now I'm back to Norway, my stressful enviroment. I can't wait to get out of the country again! 

To-do list before going to Japan:
  1. Get the certificate of eligibility
  2. Go to Oslo and apply for visa
  3. Get someone to take over my room here in Bergen
  4. Pack my shit up
  5. Go to my familiy in Melhus, stay for a week
  6. Go to Oslo, pick up my Visa

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