lørdag 26. januar 2013

Oslo reunion trip + New camera!

So last weekend I went to Oslo for a Jfashion reunion for us ~*oldies*~
And luckily, the same day I left for Oslo, my new camera arrived! *cheers of joy*

It's SO nice to have a new camera, and one that's way more modern than my old camera.. :) But I felt a bit "old" when I got the camera; I didn't think about the memory card. I didn't think I needed it. So yeah, that's what I get for being technologically impaired x)

My baby ^^ 
I wonder if I'm going to bling it or not, I have to think about it, and what would look nice before I do something =)

Anyway! Last Friday I took the night train to Oslo, so I arrived about 06:30 in the morning.. puh! It was really cold, but luckily my dear Pernille were kind enough to let me sleep at her place before taking the train to Ski(buya) where Erlend lives :)

After meeting Erlend and Xiao at the train station, we went to grab a bite! 

Taco salad~! It was okay, a bit too much lettuce and onion.. and not enough cherry tomatoes and salad goodness.

Messy table w/ make up, alcohol and... stuff! ^^

Before curls~ 

After curls~! This was the first time I curled my own hair with a hair straightener, pretty happy! And the curls stayed ALL night, lol

 Cutie Xiao and me! 


 Xiao and me ate wasabi nuts like it was the end of the world. So delish! 

 Erlend being fancy pouring his wine~

 We played the Pokemon drinking game.. Don't really remember much after that, lol :'D


The day after... Oh my god, I haven't been so hungover in years, I think. Also, I totally forgot to remove my make up and my lenses(!), so my eyes were hurting as if my arms was being chewed off. Luckily, only one eye was like this, so I walked around with one eye shut that day XD After we went to McD's, and Xiao left, Erlend and me watched some ANTM~

Took the train to Oslo again, and went back to Pernilles place. We ate dinner, talked, and fell asleep early! After 12 hours (!) of sleep, I felt awesome again! But that feeling was temporary.. When I went to eat before going back to Bergen, I felt absolutely horrible again haha. 


The train ride back was... so boring! Half way through I finished the only book I brought, Murakamis 1Q84. So for the rest of the ride I just.. looked out the window into the darkness.. Yay xD

Next time I'm updating, I think it'll be from London! Going to visit a good friend of mine there who's studying there, can't wait! 

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