tirsdag 22. januar 2013


I'm sort of very late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR! ( ^ _ ^)∠☆PAN!

So I'm finally back in Bergen, and a new semester has started. This semester in Norway will not be that long-lasting, since I'm going to Japan in MARCH! That's in like... 55 days if I get to travel on the date I want to!

School life has slowly started and I'm taking it easy, focusing on my bachelor degree paper! Throwing around ideas, reading around the theme I want to write about and such.. :) The real studying doesn't start until Tokyo ;)

I'll post some pictures from my wonderful new years eve, I had lots of fun! 
At first I went to a couple, Vegard and Anka to eat dinner, and after that we went to Lars for drinking and celebration ^^

Me, Susann and Veronica~

Fireworks! It looks like mistletoe.. x)

Susann and me celebrating in the cold! ^^

Me playing Tekken.. haha! I'm very competitive, especially when I'm drunk XDD

The beautiful Kim and Veronica, and me; probably thinking "I'm surrounded by idiots." They aren't though. Well, maybe Kim is, but we love him anyway!

I'll update more now as I have time, but think it's better to split the entries a bit :) 


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