mandag 31. desember 2012

メリークリスマス!Merry Christmas!

I'm starting to come down from the high that is called Christmas.

Lovely holiday.

From Christmas Eve

The outfit

Dress: H&M
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace: D&G

The purple colour on the shoes turns out WAY more blue when I take pictures with flash.. Annoying that my hair doesn't do the same :P

 Dinner table :3
The food mum made was wonderful as it is every year. I'm gonna miss her cooking next year when I celebrate Christmas in Tokyo! Hopefully I'll be able to find some form of replacement for it :)


Christmas treeeee~!

I got some nice presents as well! I don't have any pictures though, I already packed everything down! :O
I got:

♥ A camera, from mum:
It hasn't arrived yet, we ordered it on the 22. hehe. Can't wait! It's all fancy, and in a VERY nice colour I might say. I've had the same camera since 2007, and as you can see, the picture quality now isn't so much to brag about anymore. :P Maybe I'll give my old camera to my cousins, maybe they will think it's fun to play around with!

♥ A book, from my lovely Anne, together with some much needed hair products: 
The book isn't an ordinary notebook, it has a beautiful red and gunmetal/silver brocade pattern with two magnet locks. She wrote a really touching nice message inside, that almost made me cry, hehe. Can't wait to start on my book!

♥ Nick-nacks and candy from Victoria
She currently lives in London, and bought some trinkets for me from a shop in Covent Garden. A hyrule shield mint box, super cute kitty socks, Pocky, cute erasers etc~ Lots of cute stuff!

♥ Homemade candy from Veronica
She put it in a really nice bowl with a stem, and decorated it a bit with some AB crystals :3 She said she was going to buy me something, but I'm happy anyway :)

 Redken product from Pernille, as well as a Hyrule shield key ring :3 
Well, nothing much more to say about that, except that I'm incrrrrredibly grateful for the hair product, because OH LAWD I need it XDD My poor hair.

 ♥ Lush Shower Gel from Sara
It's called Twilight, and it has glitter in it. Hehe. Smell really nice, can't wait to try it :)

Hmmmmmm... I don't think I remember any more presents now... I always forget someone!
Anypoo! I should really go to bed, I need all the beauty sleep I can get before going out with my friends tomorrow night! Can't wait for 2013 to start, so much adventure and travel :)

Enjoy your holiday everybody!

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