torsdag 31. mai 2012

New dress :)

So today I made a dress.

A dress, in one day! 

I'm pretty proud. Not because it was hard to make, but because I actually managed to concentrate about it through the whole day and not just throw it in the ever-growing pile of unfinished projects! *victory pose* 

 Sexeh front

Sexeh back, now with extra sunburn.. Plx ignore my horrid tanlines XD

So yeah.

I'm trying to figure out a way to get cash fast so I could get my ass to Oslo for Desucon.. any ideas? I have to get around.. 2000kr. Sell stuff? Make and sell stuff? Whine to daddy? :P
I hope can afford the trip! I really need to get out of here, I haven't been out of town since Christmas. Anyway, if I do go, I won't cosplay. Because, I just don't have enough time nor money! Maybe next year, or another con :)

I'm soooo nervous about getting my Japanese grades! We're scheduled to get the language grade tomorrow, and the culture grade on june12th. I'm so tense because of this stress XD
But at least I don't have horrid spelling mistakes, like we have in our Genki book.. 

Seriously? Someone read through this with a bit of haste.. ;)

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  1. uhhh digget kjolen:D du gjorde en kjempebra jobb! haha tan lines ftw:P


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