lørdag 30. april 2011

My favorite Egg picks from May

Just wanted to show my favorite looks and items from the latest issue of Egg.
I love how fashion gets more and more colourful as the temperature rises :)




XD ♥

Out and about..

I've run out of make up (foundation, powder, mascara etc etc) and skin products, so I feel like shit these days. So not many fashion posts from my part.. :p

Yesterday I made an omelette. I've only done it a couple of times before, always ended up like scrambled eggs, lol. But this time it was really successful! Allthough I don't have any kind of vegetables or anything yummy to put in the omelette except sausage and chives, it turned out pretty good!

Yesterday I was out with some friends to have some FUN FUN FUN
It was really nice, Since Miriam and Yngve was so nice to buy me some drinks/wine ♥
Me and the lovely Trude ♥

On a regular day.. I go to work, I play pokemon, I look at pictures at imgur.com.
Story of my life XD

Look, it's Lugia! ♥
You're mine, BITCH!

tirsdag 26. april 2011

New skirt!

I finished my summer skirt yesterday. Not superhappy about it, because it's WAY too fluffy! It makes me feel like I'm god damn Chiquita:

I don't even like bananas!!

So I think I'm going to take it for a wash, and see if the mesh settles down a bit..

I'm going to work today! I haven't been to work since.. april 8th. So yeah, I'm kinda short on cash. The last days I've been eating one meal a day(containing only rice or pasta), because I basically don't have any food left. I feel weak, and my mood is ever down low. I'm too proud to ask my parents, they have their bills to pay. I've been applying for new jobs, but I still haven't got a positive answer from any of them.
So basically I have to get welfare money. (is that the right word btw?) I'm going to get kicked out of my apartment if this continues!

Enough rants for one day.

Everybody have a nice Tuesday :)

mandag 25. april 2011

Make up boredom + Outfit

Aaah, I had a nice easter holiday. Very chill. Last year I went to Tokyo, I kinda wish I was there this year as well! *sigh*

Last Saturday me and my bf went to Yngve to drink, and went out on the town later. I had barely eaten that day, so the little I drank got me kinda drunk. lol.

Top: Galstar
Hotpants: H&M
Boots: JIGGY
Necklace: Twisty

At 3B, we met Pernille, who's staying in Trondheim for the week. ♥

Kim and Pernille, playing with the table decorations..

The floor just before we left.. At least I'm innocent! =p

Yesterday I just was at home, 40% hungover, 60% sleepy and 100% LAZY.
But I did sew a little bit on a little project I'm having. I'm making a summer skirt in pink, with gyaru in mind. I looks more like a carneval costume now though.. we'll see how it looks when it's done =p

The carneval project.

I also did some make up done, even though I just walked around at home. Tried out something new =)

Close up

crappy cam ♥

I know I know, my hair is a mess :p

Well, that's it for now. Gotta finish my skirt, I'm so bad at finishing what I start!

lørdag 23. april 2011

Coordination 22.04.2011

Waaah, it's so sunny outside today!

Yesterdays outfit:

Halterneck: H&M
Hotpants: Vence
Boots: LinoSug
Parka: Ruvap
Flower: H&M

Just playing around in Photoshop :)

onsdag 20. april 2011

Todays outfit 20.04.2011

I've been far away from gyaru fashion lately

Lazy dayz . . .

But I'm gonna shake it up! Spring and summer is coming, and it's getting warmer and sunnier outside!
I wish I had money to buy new lashes and new clothing though.. My wardrobe still has a loong way to go!
My inspiration lately:

Pink x Yellow owns my heart.
(same goes for pink x blue, and pink x any colour really.. x))))

I wanna dye my hair soooo badly right now! I have some pink, and some purple laying around, but no bleach.. ;( Plus, I think my hair will die if I bleach it right now.

Sweater: LinoSug
Tank top: H&M
Shorts: 109
Stockings: Don't remember
Shoes: TUK
Jewellery: Claire's + D&G
Hairbow: Gina Tricot

I wish I was cuter.. :(

tirsdag 19. april 2011

Sensation Ocean of White Oslo 2011

Aaaaah, finally back in Trondheim in my little apartment.
Last weekend was WICKED!

Chillin' at Veronica and kenneths place, with lovely two kitties!

On our way to Fornebu! ♥

Both me and Veronica wore white zip hoodies, but we ditched the wardrobe and threw away our jackets xD Doubt we'll ever see them again x)
With no wardrobe, it only took us like.. 10 minutes to get in. Monica, Ingvild and Oda had to wait for 90 minutes or so, they went there earlies than us. Yikes!
The queues around the bars and in general were ridiculous, I didn't drink anything alcoholic from 8pm 'till we got home around 1-2am.

Buuuuut all in all I had a great night, I know not to expect perfection when it comes to Norwegian events like this.
Maybe I'll attend Sensation Black next year, perhaps? I like more hard music, hardstyle etc :)

Veronicas outfit, and mine:

My outfit:
Top: Cyberdog
Hotpants: Fantazia, customized with mesh stockings
Boots: Demonia
Belt: Handmade by me

lol, we found a pair of broken sunglasses on the floor. POSE TIME!

LOL it looks like I have the largest 'stash in the world. :c

A man wore this firework-thingy. 5 feet over the stage.

Finally Monica, Ingvild and Oda managed to find us! :D


Monica, Ingvild and Oda :)

Dancin, wet girls ;D

It was a ridiculous amount of people there that night, 22000 people! It was soooo overwhelming, haha.
And the lovely DJ's managed to play some of my favorite songs, both Faithless - Insomnia and Pendulum - The Island pt 2
♥ * ♥ * ♥ * ♥

Here's also a little vid I made from Sensation:

And now for something completely different:

This is Ronja, one of Kenneths cats.
She is a fluffy diva.
..that we love to play with!
(No harm done to the cat btw :P)

Catbus on a kitty! Ronja looks super grumpy, LOL

Yesterday, when me, veronica and pernille walked around town for fabric, veronica and I started to draw on the pavement with coloured chalks!

(it says "have a nice day")


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