onsdag 20. april 2011

Todays outfit 20.04.2011

I've been far away from gyaru fashion lately

Lazy dayz . . .

But I'm gonna shake it up! Spring and summer is coming, and it's getting warmer and sunnier outside!
I wish I had money to buy new lashes and new clothing though.. My wardrobe still has a loong way to go!
My inspiration lately:

Pink x Yellow owns my heart.
(same goes for pink x blue, and pink x any colour really.. x))))

I wanna dye my hair soooo badly right now! I have some pink, and some purple laying around, but no bleach.. ;( Plus, I think my hair will die if I bleach it right now.

Sweater: LinoSug
Tank top: H&M
Shorts: 109
Stockings: Don't remember
Shoes: TUK
Jewellery: Claire's + D&G
Hairbow: Gina Tricot

I wish I was cuter.. :(

4 kommentarer:

  1. I love the way you did your make up!!

  2. Tuller du eller? Du er supersøt! <3

  3. Dust du er ikke bare søt, men utrolig søt! og elsker antrekket og spesielt SMINKEN!


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