lørdag 30. april 2011

Out and about..

I've run out of make up (foundation, powder, mascara etc etc) and skin products, so I feel like shit these days. So not many fashion posts from my part.. :p

Yesterday I made an omelette. I've only done it a couple of times before, always ended up like scrambled eggs, lol. But this time it was really successful! Allthough I don't have any kind of vegetables or anything yummy to put in the omelette except sausage and chives, it turned out pretty good!

Yesterday I was out with some friends to have some FUN FUN FUN
It was really nice, Since Miriam and Yngve was so nice to buy me some drinks/wine ♥
Me and the lovely Trude ♥

On a regular day.. I go to work, I play pokemon, I look at pictures at imgur.com.
Story of my life XD

Look, it's Lugia! ♥
You're mine, BITCH!

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