tirsdag 3. mai 2011

International Manba day

So last Saturday was the International Manba Day, and I dressed up ofc.

Because of my lack of tan/dark foundation and crazy hair, I ended up looking more like banba than manba. But nonetheless, crazy coloured clothing and BIG hair!

Trude ♥

Me and Charlotte :)

Me and Trude ^^

That night it was celebration of May 1. It's a really big thing in Norway, dunno why really lol.
Ended up going home early, I almost had an anxiety attack.. And the day after I visited my gran for waffles ^^

Make up and hair for granny visit. I look a bit dead here, this was before I decided not to use nude lipstick..=p


Later that day I went to my bf, we ate DELISH dinner!
Pork chop with onion, mushroom and bacon, with potato salad, rice and bearnaisesauce on the side. And some salat for me :)


Have a nice day everyone :)

(LOL why do I always say that on Tuesdays??)

3 kommentarer:

  1. FYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY FAAAAAAEN elsker håret og sminken. FY FAEN har ikke ord >_>

    uansett om du er manba eller banba var det fy faens heit på deg at jeg dør!

  2. You look awesome as Manba! :D :D
    and heart waffles?! WANT :O

  3. Aaaawh, thank you gals! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
    Sami: Yup, it's completely normal to eat heart shaped waffles here in norway/scandinavia :D


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