fredag 2. desember 2011

Yellow stuff GET!

So I got my Galstar shoes + bag yesterday, a nice little Christmas present to myself :)

The colour is a bit darker than in the photos, it's a really deep rich colour!
The shoes are a bit darker than the bag, but it's close enough. :P

Me and my friends went out last Tuesday, drunktards ftw!
There was a quiz at Kvarteret, we failed miserably.
Whenever we've been at a quiz night, our name has always been Team Rocket. And we've always failed. Coinsidence? I think not. So we drank and drew Pokemons on our answer sheets.

(lol @ random guy in the background)

Battle of the cupcakes!

The day after was... sleepy. Woke up at Annes place, we made breakfast and I went to class. SNOOORE.
But we attended another quiz, a Christmas-themed quiz at Ad Fontes (our uni student cafe)!
Still using the Team Rocket name.. And we won split first place!! WHAT.
But in the death match our team lost, ffuuuu. We got gift certificates, candy, christmas cookie-stuff and things. Yay prizes!

Me, anne and thomas went to thomas to chill, watch TV and EAT CANDY.
fawk yuh.

It's been snowing Bergen! It's too dark to take a picture now, but I looove the view from our house right now, so dark and Christmas-y ♥

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  1. Damn. Those are cute! I don't have balls to wear yellow unless I tan cause it makes me look sick, my skin tone is weird. T_T


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