torsdag 15. desember 2011

(almost) DONE!

Aaaaah, nailed my linguistics final! Aaaaight!
*high fives self*

I celebrated with my japanese class at TGIF! Everyone ordered food except me, I just ordered a Bloody Mary ;) Because drinking alcoholic beverages at 1pm on a thursday in a family restaurant is cool! Durr.. It was tasty though, I needed it BAD. Was shaking due to no sleep + too much caffeine + nicotine + sugar, so some alcohol made everything better XD

Some pictures:
Me some days ago, I'm so hooked on this hairstyle, the bun. Perfect for lazy students XD

At TGIF with my class:

Lasse with some strawberry-milkshake-kinda-thingy.. It was huge.

...and Anne took his cherry!

Me and my Bloody Mary, lol :D

Thomas, Jonas, Birgitte, Lisa-Marie, Alexander and Emilie waiting for fooooood

Had a good time, but it was also nice to get home and have a *cough* 4 hour nap since I didn't get any sleep last night..


It's now 3:24 am, and I FINALLY finished and submitted my philosophy paper!

My first finals, a series.

Over a week until linguistics final exam, this is going great! Also, I have lots of time to write my philosophy paper!
Coffee intake = Almost at zero.

3 days 'till paper is due, 2 days for linguistics final exam. Starting to feel the pressure. Coffee intake = ridiculous.

omgomgomgomgomgomg the finals are todayyyyyy omgomgomgomgomg ._.
Coffee intake = Replaced with energy drinks and sugar

Paper is submitted, exam is DONE. Day finally over after "some" cans of Burn, chocolate milk, candy, alcohol and cigarettes.

So yeah.
One more test, and I'm done. I'm going home for Christmas on Monday night, can't wait to see my good old mates again! ♥♥ And! I'm taking care of Sam and Susanns kitty called Snickers for Christmas! I hope she will be happy during her stay, it's been a long time since we've had a cat in the house!

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