torsdag 17. november 2011

New hair :D

Yeeeah still not doing much, life currently consists of spending money I don't have, studying and hanging out with my lovely friends :)

Some weeks ago I bought some fire red clip on extensions from eBay, that I got today!

Don't mind my derpy face ;)

In braids and loose.
I'm really happy with it, I can't wait to try to curl it! It feels so light and feathery ^^

Annddd... Guess what time of the month it is, lol :P
I don't usually buy candy, but when I do I buy ALL THE CANDY!


In between writing my philosphy paper I've been doing some make up, I'm practising for tomorrow!
Don't mind the eyebrows, I'm not doing that. It might look okay on webcam, but it looked horrible irl XDD That was because of my short stubby eyebrows! I couldn't hide them well enough, so this look is obviously only for skyping, messenger etc, haha XD

So what's happening tomorrow?
Me and a little bunch of friends from my class are going to Bergens gay bar, Fincken, to dance the night away being faaaabulous :D Can't wait!

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