søndag 20. november 2011

Friday night

Oh boy, what a night!
Had loads of fun.. but wow, I'm still a bit tired XD At first Anne came to me, I did our make up (which turned out FAB) and then we went to a preparty at Thomas' apartment!
I had a bottle of red wine, and spent too much money out on the town. We went to Fincken, Bergens only(?) gay bar to dance! I fell to the floor a couple of times, not really shocking when you think about the amount of alcohol I'd been drinking :P


I managed to take some pictures, but they're not exactly superb quality haha

Mah haaair (excuse my derpy face, haha)

At the preparty, some glasses of wine into the evening.. ;p

Outside fincken
Err'body in da club getting derpy!

We met Oda and Maiken, yaay :D
My hair died in an instant that night... god, why does Bergen have to be so... moist??
You can also see I did my nails, pointy red, black and white! Most of them fell off during the night, ofc ;P
After that we had a small afterparty at our house, I was drinking kalinka with milk.. WTF LOL.

But all in all it was a great night ;D

I'm leaving for Oslo tomorrow morning!
Why, you ask?
Because SKRILLEX, that's why!


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