lørdag 15. oktober 2011

bob bob bob lizm..

The days go by, and I wonder if I've really done anything the last few weeks. I've just been busy being a zombie student. Not very giving.

I have been sosializing a bit though, feels good man!

Dress: H&M
Cardi: Galstar
Shoes: Shoesone

With and without make up!
I love make up, it does wonders for my skin, haha XD

I've been lurking around on Galstar lately, and they've got some reeeeeally cool stuff out!
I want these SO BAD.

I don't know which colour I want them in though, I want them all! (well, except in camel:P)

I want this stuff as well:

If I decide on the yellow shoes above, I will also get this shirt in yellow, haha. A shopoholics logic strikes again!

I want these in suede, I think they might be too tacky in shiny "leather"

This dress is so gorgeous, I love the print! ♥

It's hard to go shopping when you only have like.. 400NOK to live on for a month. Guess I have to make an embarrassing call to the daddy-o in a couple of days.
I have so many plans, but I'm not sure I can go through with them with this ridiculous small amount of money. I can barerly afford food (well. I can afford eating for three weeks, then the fourth week I have to eat rice/pasta with ketchup.), let alone afford to treat myself once in a while.
But after Christmas I will be applying for jobs like crazy! I just have to get through this semester, I hate philosophy (lol I can't say it enough).
Maybe get a job when I get home to Trondheim during the yule tides..

Haha, I can't stop thinking of Christmas, I miss my family and friends so much!
I'm actually listening to christmas songs now, heh. Nat King Cole ♥

Now I'll be packin' up (@school atm) and go meet Anne, cuz we're going to eat lotsa candy and watch Amelie!
Can't wait ♥

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  1. Tips:Dæm farga skon har dæm på salg på Nelly.com no. T ca 50 kr. Gul og rosa e iallefall på salg. Om du itj kjæm inn på salge kan du tast inn koden: LIVINGDOLL

  2. HERREGUD SÅ PEN DU VAR MED BOB. Passer deg skikkelig bra! <3

  3. Siri: De er ikke helt like :P *kresen* Men det ble brukt penger på nelly uansett, fant meg andre sko ^^
    Frida: TY TY <3 Jeg måtte bare prøve en tut i Ageha, men tror nok ikke jeg kommer til å klippe meg, hehe ;)


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