tirsdag 30. august 2011

I'm still alive!

Hiii ♥

I'm still alive, and I won't get a proper internet connection until 18th oct!! Bah, NextGentel and all the other companies are useless! SO SLOW.

The last week we've just starting to get used to this whole new student life far away from home! The ninja pub crawl was a success, I got way drunk. The Disney party the day after was also a success,I got waaay too drunk! Well you experience "fadderuka" only once.. in most cases :P

Some pictures!

The trip down to Bergen with my dad:

When driving car in Norway, look out for cattle! XD

The worlds longest car tunnel? I think so. It was long. Took 20mins.

Me inside one of the three halls inside the tunnel. I look like a ghost here, but it was awesome, and VERY noisy! God damn.

Lille larven aldrimett!

Panorama picture I took (click to see bigger photo)

Ninja night:

Some of the crew!

Moi! Sorry for the cigarette, I'm a social smoker :P

Ninja-camwhoring in the bathroom ftw!

When it's too hot for ninja living I convert to Islam. There was actually one guy who thought I was muslim. lol.

There was a challenge at one of the pubs, that we were to put make up on our sponsor/fadder (wth is it called?)!
I did Sigve's make up as a zombie, and the others did Stig like a geisha... lol. (The red is actually permanent marker, LOOOOOL)

Some peeps from my class! :D
From left; Dennis, Jan Erik, Anders and Lisa Marie!

Sigve and Alexander (I think? XD)
Me and Sigve were basically the only ones who smoke, so we made smoking holes in our ninja gear... :p

I think this is it for now, the "internet" we've got now is SO slow, I can't get anything really done here.. We've started to look out for cheap furniture to have in the living room, but it's so hard since we don't have a car!

BUT now I will go to bed, at 22.30... I'm such a nerd.

3 kommentarer:

  1. fretex ved bergen storsenter kjører møbler hjem til deg for en billig penge:)

  2. Oi, gjør det det? :D Haha, jeg og venninna mi var jo der i går.. kanskje bordet vi vil ha fortsatt er der i dag og :D

  3. du har vel student login til uib sitt nett? dra på kvarteret med laptopen =)
    ellers så er det ikke noe nytt at nextgentel er treige. jeg prøver å si opp mitt abn, men de tar jo ikke telefonen så jeg må sende de et brev. HAHA, snailmail


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