torsdag 18. august 2011


Okay, we have no internet at home yet, so I have to blog from school/library etc.


I've officially moved to Bergen! And boy, it's a looot to take in. And a whole lot to do!
First year student are divided into groups with leaders/sponsors. The reason for this is to get to know each other better, get to know the city and most important of all; Get shitfaced!

So tonight we're going pub crawling in ninja costumes. It'll be awesome, can't wait! So I have to buy a black T-shirt to make a ninja hood, like this:


Like I said earlier, the whole Move-to-Bergen is a lot to take in for me.. Yesterday I felt sooo lonely at the BBQ-party with about 100-200 people. >_> Ironic.
I miss all my friends in Trondheim and Oslo SO MUCH, I don't know what to do... (except go home to Trondheim x))
But luckily I don't live alone, I live with Emilie and Oda! And that's very good for me, so I don't just sit inside my room and stare at the walls.

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