torsdag 11. oktober 2012

Ameblo! And other things :)

Some days ago, after going to a lecture on "the Japanese" WWW, I decided to make myself a small blog where I can practice my Japanese! 
So if you have an ameba profile, add me/follow me/whatever it says XD

My profile is HERE.

Now, I don't know if you can see my blog entries, some have had problem getting access to them. Problem is, my Japanese is steady enough yet to find out where I can change those settings! Help, anyone? :) People can only view my entries if I say it's okay, but I want it to be an open blog!

* * * * *

Lately I've been picking up my drawing and watercolour equipment, I've been very creative this past week! It feels sooo good. And I'm already ahead on my Japanese homework, so I don't feel guilty if I draw and paint for hours ^^

I know I'm no Da Vinci, I've actually become fond of making childish caricatures of my friends and characters.. They're easy to do, and I think they turn out pretty cute:)

It's Susanne and me at the top, and at the bottom Emilie :) My roomies and me, yay!

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