fredag 2. mars 2012

Stuff for sale!

Aaaalright, time to sell stuff! :)

Prices do NOT include shipping. Shipping from Norway.
For international orders, paypal only!

If you're interested in anything, let me know on miyukasumi [at] !

1. FORMENGIRL summer dress ON HOLD
Size: XS/S
There's elastic in the back, and ribbon ties to make it tighter!
Price: 300NOK plus shipping
Bought in Shinjuku, Japan. Worn twice.
It's a gorgeous light summer dress in ivory cotton with a delicate flower pattern. There are ribbons underneath the dress so you can make it shorter (as shown in pictures) and more "fluffy-looking", such a cute detail!

Pic of me wearing it ;D You can wear it so the elastic is in front, that's cute too :)

2. RUVAP jacket SOLD, THANK YOU! :)
Size: S
Price: 400NOK plus shipping
Bought from Shibuya 109's net shop, worn twice.
SUPERCOMFY jacket! The fabric is a pink supersoft plush with little white hearts.

Pocket detail

Brand tag

Store photo

H&M 50's Leopard dress
Size: 34
Price: 200NOK plus shipping
Lovely 50's rockabilly dress with leopard print and two pockets.
Worn one or two times, as new.

Size: UK 8 / XS
Price: Give me an offer!
Bought at Closet child in Harajuku, Japan
I am SO sad to let this go, but I have never had an oppurtunity to wear and it's now just gathering dust in my closet :( It's a sexy high waist mini skirt with a small split in the back, zipper and button on the side.


Brand tag

Small split in the back

For mor
e items, go to my facebook album HERE

Thank you for looking!

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  1. ikje sæll blomstershninjukukjolen før søndag! æ vil prøve den! :D

    -emilie, LOL


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